Friday evening tidbits: Rasmus sore

As is often the case on the first day of a series, not to mention my first day back with the team after a couple of days off, I’ve got lots of tidbits for you.

* As mentioned in the early tidbits, the Cardinals returned to 13 pitchers for this weekend’s series in an American League park. According to La Russa, the field staff went to the front office and asked for a pitcher who could a) work more than an inning at a time and b) work with a little more frequency than just every four or five days. And the front office/Memphis staff/Minor League staff recommended Walters.

I specifically asked about Josh Kinney, and this was TLR’s response:

“What we did was, we told Mo, this is our analysis of what we need. Frequency of pitching would be a help, because we do have a [long reliever]. Josh’s name was discussed, but whoever they recommended was who we took. … This is who they recommended, this is who we’ve got. I made a point to ask about Josh. He’s getting closer and closer.”

Dave Duncan said almost exactly the same thing.

* Colby Rasmus is not in the lineup because he’s recovering from a bruised left heel. It doesn’t seem to be anything major, but TLR felt it better to give him one more day. Rasmus suffered the injury trying to beat out a groundball on Wednesday.

* I ran Paul Byrd’s name by two different people who would know today, and didn’t get any kind of vibe that he is in any way on the radar.

* TLR said it’s “a possibility” that Pujols will DH in one of this weekend’s games, but not a certainty.

* The Indians clubhouse has a classic Nintendo Entertainment System, and many members of the team (and media, let’s be honest) were enraptured by the great “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.”

* The Cardinals and Indians will wear 1988 throwbacks tomorrow. The Cards’ uniforms will feature gray pullover-type jerseys, plenty of piping and red caps. Looking forward to seeing that — though it’s got nothing on the “victory blue” ones they donned in St. Petersburg a few years back.

Today’s playlist:
Cut Copy, “Lights and Music”
The Bravery, “An Honest Mistake”
Maps, “You Don’t Know Her Name”
The Knife, “We Share Our Mothers’ Health”
Junior Boys, “In the Morning”


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