Belated Wednesday tidbits: K.Greene, Lohse, Ryan, Molina

Sorry these are so late. Crazy day today, getting ready to take a little mini-vacation with the Mrs. I’ll be off Thursday through Sunday, then back on the beat on Monday in NYC, with nose pretty much to the grindstone from there through the All-Star break.

* Khalil Greene is back with the Cardinals. He worked out today and will be activated in the relatively near future, quite possibly even tomorrow. TLR said they will probably remain at 13 pitchers when they make the move, meaning that Stavinoha and Tyler Greene would seem to be the most in jeopardy.

* Kyle Lohse threw again today, from a little further and with a little more on it. He’s getting closer, and hope to throw off a mound sometime during the upcoming road trip.

* Brendan Ryan was a bit sore after last night’s game, experiencing some cramping according to TLR. So they chose not to push it, and gave the start to Tyler Greene tonight.

* TLR on Molina catching Wellemeyer once again: “The last couple times it’s pained me not to catch him, like Thursday in Florida. It’s just, there are some times he needs a break.”

Today’s playlist:
“International Pop Overthrow,” Material Issue
“Angels of the Silences,” Counting Crows
“Lotus,” R.E.M.
“Help I’m Alive,” Metric
“E-Pro,” Beck



Motte bats, looks completely lost, and doesn’t face one hitter. Gave away an out there, which goes against the normal TLR philosophy.

Hawksworth and Walters are barely seeing any PT and it feels like Franklin’s pitched about twice this month.

I can’t even begin to make an arguement for 13 pitchers right now. Seems like we are having more problems with underworked pitchers and too many wasted AB’s.

Regarding Rick Porcello’s start tonight against the Cards, I have a different take on the situation:

The St Louis press has been harassing the Cardinals’ organization over skipping uber-prospect Rick Porcello in the 2007 draft due to concerns about meeting his demands and signing an initial contract.

I have given this some thought over the years since, and formulated this comment to the story posted here:

stimpy66 wrote: June 18, 2009 7:22AM
Saying this leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth, but I have an argument to support NOT signing Porcello then. Coming after the MV3 years(the trading of prospects for higher priced veterans), and Pujols’ & Carpenter’s well-earned big contracts, the Cardinal management did not have the big dollars to sign an unproven prospect. They HAD to spend to rebuild the minors from the bottom up. They had to cap payroll increases because of the financial limitations of the market. They did not have any track record of success with identifying good talent that would blow out an elbow or shoulder before they made the bigs. They spent the cash for Portello to supply the minors with servicable supply of young, talented (but not superstar-level)athletic players that TLR could plug in as he wished. The success of that pipeline has supplied one possible superstar talent (Rasmus), and granted the club the ability to make high profile risks in this year’s draft. Porcello did not blow out an elbow, Mark Mulder did. Danny Haren did not. Shift those around and the Cardinals dominate for a long time. So it goes. I think the depth of the minors allows the club to pay Pujols, Ludwick, Carpenter?, and upgrade the bench and bull pen with lower cost effective players. I think the Cards are set to be competitive – with a few years of being exceptional – for the length of Pujol’s next contract. What more can you ask for in St. Louis?

I posted it at my humble, bereft blog.

I don’t have a problem with any of the things phil cites. Motte used to be a catcher (if not a very good hitting one…) and should be a bit more adept with the bat than most pitchers, last night’s AB notwithstanding. Leaving him in to start the 7th was a shrewd tactical move that got Leyland to burn a left-handed pinch hitter. That could very easily have come in handy in the 9th.
As for the long relievers not getting much mound time, that is a good thing. With a starting rotation held together by chewing gum and bailing wire until Lohse returns, having Hawk and PJ available to take over after a Wellemeyer or Thompson (or even Pineiro) meltdown is prudent. The fact that they’re not having to do so means that the starters are doing their jobs, but let’s face it, none of those three are such sure things to deliver quality starts that a bullpen bailout can be dismissed as unnecessary.
If these were the biggest management boners that TLR has pulled, the team would be running away with the division, and he’d be out-managing all the competition.

Ludwick got a walk last nite, forcing in a run that turned out to be the game winner. Does he get credit for that? I don’t care how many pitchers the Cards carry. Be it 12 or 13 pitchers, good players are still riding the bench. Duncan is getting a lot of playing time at the expense of Rasmus and Ludwick. Ludwick will find himself but it might help if he played every day for a couple of weeks. You have to wonder a bit about the Cards mgt not being able to resist playing around with the fool’s gold of baseball (Kip Wells, KGreene, Duncan, AReyes, etc) trying to get a bargain on the cheap.

It’s good to see Kahlil have some success. I hope he gets himself right and returns to form. For his own sake as much as the team’s, I hope he is able to overcome and achieve the success he had early in his career.

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