Tuesday early tidbits and lineup: Lohse, Glaus, Mather

Some early news. I’ll flesh these out later, but wanted to get these bits up now…

* Kyle Lohse threw a lengthy bullpen today. He went about 40 pitches, sat down while Adam Wainwright threw his bullpen, then threw some more. He was pleased with his offspeed pitches and not pleased with his fastball command. He’ll throw a lighter pen on Thursday, followed by a simulated game on Saturday.

* Troy Glaus has begun hitting off of a pitching machine. He’s on a throwing program as well. John Mozeliak said that the level of optimism regarding Glaus’ return this year may be up a little bit but it’s essentially unchanged. Glaus is coming along but the timetable remains pretty open.

* Joe Mather had wrist surgery yesterday. Mozeliak didn’t have full details for us today; expects to tomorrow. And while he wasn’t comfortable projecting a timetable, it sounds like it was a pretty significant procedure. When he was asked if the surgery would be a season-ender for Mather, Mozeliak said he wasn’t sure but “would say the likelihood is yes.”

Lineup vs RHP Livan Hernandez:
1. Schumaker 2B
2. Duncan LF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Ludwick RF
5. Ankiel CF
6. Molina C
7. K.Greene 3B
8. Pineiro P
9. Ryan SS



I kinda like the left side right of the INF right now. Glaus would have to really be on for me to feel comfortable with him coming back. Hope his bat is ready to bop.

Considering the inconsistencies of Wellemeier, Piniero these days is there any chance that if Thompson continues to do well, he could take a permanent slot in the rotation or does mgt still not see him in the role as an every day player? Wellemeier just struggles constantly, high pitch counts, etc, wears himself out as well as the batter. He really needs an ‘out’ pitch to establish himself. I could see him as a long reliever.

Franklin has nearly been lights out so far this year, do you think he has a legitimate shot at an All-Star selection?

Colby should be playing. Wellemeyer should be released.

I think Wellemeyer is an ok pitcher. I just think if we are willing to lose every 5th day, then lets try using a young pitcher who needs big league experience. I am getting wher I expect to have a loss every 5th day. Come on TL..lets go with a Boggs or another young arm.

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