Wednesday tidbits: Ludwick, Molina, Oquendo, Pujols

Strange night here at Citi Field. It looked briefly like the skies were clearing, and then it started to cloud up again. The Cardinals did not take BP on the field today. It all seems to depend on which direction you look. But the tarp is off, it doesn’t seem to be raining, the pitchers are warming up — looks like we’ll be OK.

* Ryan Ludwick gets tonight’s game off after playing seven in a row. He’ll be back in there tomorrow against Johan Santana, despite Santana’s reverse platoon split this year (821 OPS vs LHH, 624 vs RHH).

* Yadier Molina also gets tonight as his breather, with a game coming tomorrow afternoon. TLR decided he’d rather have Molina play tomorrow than tonight.

* Jose Oquendo has been named as the manager of the World team in the Futures Game on July 12. He’ll manage against Ozzie Smith, who will helm the U.S. team.

* Albert Pujols remains in the lead in the fan vote for the Home Run Derby. As always, the vote is non-binding, but it’s safe to assume that the winners will likely participate.

* TLR told us today that he recorded an interview with Bob Costas today at the MLB Network studios over in New Jersey, and that it will run on Sunday.

* A number from STATS Inc: Joel Pineiro of thehad 22 groundball outs against the Mets last night, the most for an MLB pitcher in 2009 and the second most since 2000 (Brandon Webb had 23 in a game in 2003).

No playlist today; this thing is already too late and I’m playing catchup on a lot of stuff today.

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