Thursday afternoon tidbits: Lohse, lineup, Wallace, Jones

We’ve actually got a little bit of sunshine at Citi Field. So, you know, that’s nice. Really looking forward to this game; matchups like this never get old.

* Kyle Lohse’s schedule has changed a bit. Rather than a bullpen today and a sim. game on Saturday, he skipped throwing today and will bump the sim. game up to Friday. That prevents having to have the sim at something like 9 am after a night game, and it doesn’t affect the number of starts Lohse will be able to get before the All-Star break. Either way, there’s time for a rehab and two starts.

* The lineup is a curious one today, I know — saw the comments when I posted it. One thing to note is that Santana has a large reverse platoon split (LH hitters have an OPS about 200 points higher than RH’ers do). Here’s TLR’s uncut answer when I asked him this morning:

“It’s just mixing up the lineup so it’s right-left-right as much as I could. I wanted to play some left-handers. I wanted to put the best defense out there. So I put a lot of things together and you get a right, left, right, right, right, then left-right-left-right. And Schu hits well against this club, so…

“That’s the reason I do that.”

Doesn’t explain it all, but gives you at least some insight. Schumaker in the 2 spot against a LHP is actually kind of an interesting idea. Not sure what to make of it, but I’m curious to see how it works.

* Brett Wallace and Daryl Jones are the Cardinals’ representatives on the rosters for the Futures Game, July 12 at Busch Stadium.

Today’s playlist, once again all culled from having the iPod on shuffle as I rode the 7 train out from Manhattan this morning:
Soul Asylum, “Get On Out”
Beastie Boys, “Lighten Up”
Black Crowes, “P.25 London”
Counting Crows, “Another Horsedreamer’s Blues”
Kay Hanley, “Happy to Be Here”



Nice to see Walrus and DJ getting some attention for the Futures game. Question on the Futures rosters: who from other teams are filling the spaces so well as to bump Dan Descalso and Jess Todd from slots at 2B and RH bullpen, respectively? Those guys are having tremendous years down on the farm.

I think the key is it’s not so much an all-star game as a prospect showcase. So, the rosters aren’t about who’s having the best year. The rosters are about which players you’re going to see as prominent Major Leaguers in the future.


Right, got that. My point is that Descalso, particularly, has been looking so good this year that a reasonable case might be made to promote him into “prospect” status. Who’s more promising on the US team at 2B, which historically has not been a “prospect”-rich position?

Well, I don’t know a lot about Scott Sizemore, but it’s pretty hard to argue with Jemile Weeks.


Point taken about Weeks; even though he hasn’t appeared above high A yet, he’s clearly going to be good. I wonder about having Sizemore there instead, though. Sizemore is .307/.402/.535 at AA this year (too early to tell what his AAA line will be — thus far a little off that) to Descalso’s .331/.405/.535 at the same level; very similar line. He’s also 24 years old to DesC’s 22. Statistics don’t tell the whole story in the minors, and this could be a one-year aberration, but I’d like to have seen him get some notice.

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