Friday tidbits: Mateo, Ryan, Lohse, Lineup

It’s a hot and busy Friday at Busch Stadium, with plenty of news to pass on to you. The temperature reads 93 according to the signs in the bullpens, and it feels every bit of that.

* The Cardinals have reportedly agreed to terms with 16-year-old Dominican outfielder Wagner Mateo. Reports vary a bit on the dollars, with Jorge Arangure of ESPN saying $3.1 million and Baseball America saying $3 million. John Mozeliak would not confirm that the club has a deal, but expressed optimism that the Cardinals will reach a deal with a Dominican prospect on or after the July 2 start of the signing period. More on this on the site later.

* Brendan Ryan is dealing with some soreness in his wrist, which the team is calling tendinitis. He had a cortisone shot today and likely won’t start any games in this series. Monday is probably a good guess for when Ryan can start again, though he could obviously pinch-run as early as today. Tyler Greene gets the start at shortstop.

* Kyle Lohse’s throw went well today. He threw three simulated innings, with Chris Duncan, Khalil Greene and Jason LaRue taking swings. Including warmup tosses, Lohse estimated he threw about 85 total pitches. The next step is likely a Minor League rehab start on Thursday, July 2 at Springfield. He could then slot back into the rotation on the road trip that ends the first half.

* Several members of the Rams, including first-round pick Jason Smith, visited the clubhouse today and received a tour. Smith will throw out the first pitch before tonight’s game.

* I got a peek at one of the All-Star batting practice jerseys (NL/home) this afternoon, and to my eye it looked pretty sharp. It’s red with “National” across a bat, and an arch across the top fo the lettering, and it has light blue stripes down the sides and some light blue piping. I’m not trying to sell you one, but the only image I can find online is here. It looks pretty busy in the photo, but seeing one in person, I thought it looked good.

* To combat the heat, the Cardinals stretched in the weight room today. However, they took batting practice on the field as usual. TLR said he had heard some talk of a potential time change for tomorrow’s game but that they simply weren’t able to make it work. Obviously it’d be much cooler for a 6 pm game than a noon game.

Today’s lineup:
1. Schumaker 2B
2. Rasmus CF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Ludwick RF
5. Ankiel LF
6. Molina C
7. Thurston 3B
8. Wainwright P
9. T.Greene SS

And finally, you had to know what today’s playlist would look like. Some people are unwilling or unable to put aside a lot of the non-musical aspects of Michael Jackson’s career, and I certainly understand and respect that. For me, though, his music was incredibly exciting and incredibly important, and since I honestly don’t know what happened in other areas of his life, I’ll just thank him for a lot of music that meant a lot to me (and many other people) and send sympathy to his friends and family. And, of course, honor him with a playlist:

“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”
“Wanna Be Starting Something”
“Beat It”
“Man in the Mirror”
“Smooth Criminal”



Its a joke. They need to get more hitting or they’re obviously not going to stay on top. This lineup isn’t going to do it. And as for Brad thompson. I can’t believe he’s still on the roster let alone in the rotation. What’s wrong with Boggs? What’s he hurt or something?

Those 3 HRs Greene hit last week probably put any kind of deal making on hold with the front office thinking they got a cheap fix at 3B. A week later, they must be rethinking the situation again. Just spent 3M on a 16 yr old, but can’t cougn up that much to bring in a solid bat. Boggs is struggling at Memphis, 5.31 ERA, 1.75 WHIP in only 8 starts. Most of the staff has about 15 starts. He is listed as active, but may have missed some games.

I hate the Cardinals ownership!!! They are making so much money on the Cardinals name they will not step up in time to save this season; just like last year. A few weeks ago all the organization could talk about was the fact that they are going to go over the 3 million mark in attendance. I wish Mark Cuban would buy our team and give Cardinal name back the respect its tradition deserves!!! This ownership has only one goal, and it is not winning the world series.

To all of you people castigating the owners and front office for not trading for someone who will magically lead this team out of the wilderness: get a grip. For the front office to make a trade, there must be someone for them to trade WITH. What team is so well endowed with talent at the power positions, and so desperate for right-handed middle relievers or utility infielders — the only two things this team has in excess, either on the roster or in the minors — that they’re willing to accept a major offensive downgrade to get them? Ain’t none.
Lay the blame for the current meltdown right where it belongs: certain of the players, not the deal makers. There are simply too many guys on this team who are seriously underperforming right now — particularly Ludwick and Wellemeyer, but also Ankiel, Duncan, Thurston, others who are on the Memphis shuttle. Get them right and the team will be fine. And I don’t think your hated front office is responsible for their struggles.

We’re fine, but we should do whatever it takes to trade for Matt Holliday.

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