Cardinals acquire DeRosa

The Cardinals upgraded their offense on Saturday night with the acquisition of Mark DeRosa from the Indians. Cleveland will receive right-handed reliever Chris Perez and a player to be named later.

DeRosa, 34, entered Saturday hitting .270 with a .342 on-base percentage and a .457 slugging percentage. He has largely played third base for the Indians and is expected to do the same in St. Louis, but his versatility is one of the traits that makes him appealing to the Cardinals. DeRosa bats right-handed, a welcome addition for a club that has struggled against left-handed pitching. He is in the final year of a three-year deal that pays him a guaranteed $5.5 million in 2009.

Perez, who turns 24 next month, is a hard thrower once believed to be the Cardinals’ closer of the future. In 29 appearances this year, he is 1-1 with a 4.18 ERA, 30 strikeouts, and 15 walks in 23 2/3 innings.

DeRosa will wear uniform No. 7 and is expected to join the Cardinals in time for their Sunday game at home against the Twins.


YES!!!!!!! I was predicting World Champs since the season started….its a lock now!!! Cardinals Rock…can’t wait to mention on my podcast Sunday nite!!!

Thank God!! Finally the Cardinals front office is doing something to help Albert, the team and the fans! Welcome DeRosa!!

With DeRosa obviously IN who is the odd man OUT in St. Louis now? Khalil Greene?

That’ll be a very interesting thing to watch. No idea what they do with Greene now.


Thrilled🙂 Very good move. I think Perez was going to wind up being Anthony Reyes II.

Now, is this the end? Or are there more moves to come? What’s the scoop matt? Cardinals content?

Any time table on naming the PTBNL? If it’s either someone generic or a minor leaguer dealt from strength (RHP, outfielders), I like this deal, but I could come to dislike it very quickly if the PTBNL is actually useful. A PTBNL is usually somebody from a short list of candidates, right? Any rumint on who’s on the list? (Matthew, I assume you’re bound by confidentiality on that last one.)

I’ve been campaigning for DeRosa ever since the rumors first surfaced, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Ever since his high school days at Bergen Catholic in North Jersey, I have followed his progress. He’s definitely TLR’s kind of player and it’s good to see Pujols should now have someone who will have his back.

I read on that the Cards were very much in on wanting Matt Holliday for a package that included Ludwick. While I love the addition of DeRosa, I would equally love this swap. With the Trade of DeRosa do you believe any Holliday talk is now dead or could it still be possible?

The first word that comes to mind…WOW! I GUESS we have to give Mo some credit here, although I hesitate. I really hope DeRosa ends up being a “Cubs killer”, since it’s his old team and I despise the Cubs fans. Welcome, Mark. How about doing a blog with Anks, so we can get to know you? M, could you pass on that suggestion? If not I get it. Let’s hope we get some help on the mound in the form of a starting pitcher to replace Wellemeyer. Next on my wish list…a replacement for Chris Duncan. Be it thru trade or an up and coming minor leaguer.

P.S. PLEASE!! don’t put Jess Todd in as the PTBNL.

The Cards have started the wheels of progress turning, w/ DeRosa. Hope they don’t stop and be content w/ it. Still the offense is gonna be righted with the acquiring of MDR. Have to think one of the 3 OF’s (Duncan, Ludwick, or Ankiel) has to be moved. If Glaus comes back you have to play MDR @ 2nd, moving Shue to his natural OF slot, which can only help the Cards on offense and defense. I’m sure P.J. or Boggs can take up the 5th spot with better or as good a result by moving, Welle out of it. Which I hope means getting another bat in this lineup. Keep dealing MO

This is a great trade. Not only do we get a bat w/TLR certified versatility in the field, we only trade one player. Meanwhile, Cleveland gets a young talent that could truly improve their horrible bullpen. Nice work, Mo. And the dollars are prudent. We have young talent, a first-place club, an improved offense, a fine pitching staff, and are poised to make a financially sound & prudent trade-deadline signing by the end of July. But, Mo, please do NOT trade the future and the budget for Pujols’ next contract away for a rent-a-bat. I’d rather get El Hombre signed and then know how to break the bank on another Championship run. Nice trade – good stuff.

p.s. The player to be named later will probably be a noted prospect that we’ll whine about, but will be replaced by a lesser known, but higher-ceiling prospect. The Mateo offer is an indication that the money’s going into the minors, and the talent is improving at a rapid rate. The stage is set to compete, sign Albert, and surround with a team of young talent to build a long-term, affordable, competitive team.

WOW, thank you. need another GOOD starting pitcher to wrap it up.

This division races just go a whole lot more interesting. Good for you guys….DeRosa brings A LOT to the table. Cubs management should be kicking themselves right about now.

Prose and Ivy

You guys will be happy with Mark. Great guy and a good all around player to have on the team. Good luck to Mark and the Cards.

Awesome, put him in left field and send Duncan down where he belongs…sorry dad…

You don’t send Duncan down before you figure out what your going to do with Khalil and Wellemeyer. Khalil needs to stop taking up a spot on this roster period, and Welle needs to get out of the rotation and throw become our batting practice pitcher instead of the other teams!

I think they should give Khalil a chance and keep him on third base for awhile, to see if he continues to do as well as he has the last few games. He’s had some problems but he’s working them out. He’s doing good on third base and he’s hitting the ball pretty well.

I think Khalil is doing a good job on third base and he’s hitting the ball. He has some problems but he’s coming out of them and doing a good job. I think they should give him a chance and keep him on third. Getting Mark DeRosa was a good move on the Cardinals part. Welcome Mark!

What part of Khalil is doing a “good” job? When he came off the DL he was very hott hitting a few home runs and such and then recently the reports were his condition was coming back and now he is 0 for his last 17 with multiple K’s and is again making errors. Why on Earth would you keep such a liability in an offense that is struggling at times to score anyway. Khalil getting anymore playing time then necessary is a bad move and I think you will start seeing that more from Tony’s least I hope you do!

So if you let Khalil play at third, you place DeRosa in a corner outfield position, which takes out either Ludwick or Ankiel. So basically your replacing either of them with…Khalil. There is no way that is more productive for the team. Oh and Wellemeyer should be released.

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