Saturday tidbits: Brendan Ryan and more

Fairly quiet, and very hot, morning at the ballpark today.

* The Cardinals did just about all their work inside this morning because of the weather. No stretch or batting practice on the field.

* Brendan Ryan is available to play defense today, but not to hit.

* TLR didn’t really offer much on the fact that neither Khalil Greene nor Ryan Ludwick is in the lineup today. Did note that Ludwick will play tomorrow against Liriano, but definitely was not in an explaining kind of mood.

* The Springfield Cardinals clinched the northern division of the Texas League on Friday, ensuring the second playoff appearance since that franchise came into existence in 2005.

Today’s playlist:
Guns N Roses, “Estranged”
Living Colour, “Broken Hearts”
Soundgarden, “Pretty Noose”
Dinosaur Jr., “Thumb”
Smashing Pumpkins, “Drown”



Kinney got the win today. Can’t figure that, McClellan pitched longer, better in the middle innings. Best I remember, the scorer has some latitude about who to award the win to when the starter leaves easrly, but if anyone can clarify this decision, I would like to hear.

Well I think everyone is figuring out why J. Thurston has never been with a big league ballclub til now. His baseball IQ is a flat 0, the guy is a menace to his own team on the basepaths! A one man rally killer

It is my understanding that that only applies when the starter leaves early with a lead. Otherwise, it’s always the same — the pitcher who was in when the winning team takes the lead for good.


Wellenmeyer is awful – too many wallks AND runs given up – need ANOTHER big bat soon, as well as a starting pitcher –

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