Sunday quick tidbits and lineup: Wellemeyer, Molina, DeRosa, K.Greene, Ryan

Much cooler today. Some quick tidbits for you, and I’ll expand upon this a little later, after DeRosa’s news conference (which is scheduled for noon CT).

* Todd Wellemeyer is scheduled to start Thursday.

* Yadier Molina is somewhat sore after the collision at home plate yesterday, so Jason LaRue is starting in his place.

* Mark DeRosa is in left field, batting fourth.

* TLR’s take on K.Greene and DeRosa is basically that they’re not mutually exclusive, so if Greene gets hot, he can play his way into time at shortstop, or DeRosa could play more outfield, or some arrangement like that. What he didn’t say, but didn’t really need to say, is that despite that, it’s fairly clear that this will eat into Greene’s playing time some.

* With that said, against the lefty today, both Greene and DeRosa are in the lineup.

* TLR said they expect to go back to 13 pitchers soon.

* Brendan Ryan is available off the bench but really they want to wait another day before throwing him into any kind of significant duty. I wouldn’t expect to see him hit today.

Lineup vs LHP Francisco Liriano:
1. Schumaker 2B
2. K.Greene 3B
3. Pujols 1B
4. DeRosa LF
5. Ludwick RF
6. Ankiel CF
7. LaRue C
8. Pineiro P
9. T.Greene SS



That’s really too bad. They can’t keep running Wellemeyer out there, it’s like conceding every fifth game. If Tony really feels he’s a better option than Mort or Boggs, what’s that say about how he feels about those two?

Actually, I rather suspect that Welle will be pitching for his job on Thursday. TLR is no fool. Doing anything drastic before Lohse is ready would be undesirable — too many improvisations at once — but if Welle doesn’t do better, I predict we’ll see something happen when Lohse is activated.

I agree I’m sick of seeing Todd go out there and throw batting practice to the opponent and turn it into a “burn the bullpen” game. I think that after Tony’s most recent comment about he has to figure it out this may be a do or die start for him, as Tony isn’t stupid and knows there are better options especially with Lohse getting closer to coming back. I’m also not a huge fan of seeing Khalil in the lineup let alone having him bat 2nd. Ya that AWESOME protection for Pujols! I get the righty against a lefty but in this position I would rather see Thurston or anyone playing then headcase Khalil..I HOPE HE PROVES ME WRONG, I REALLY DO!

I’m sick of seeing Duncan in a Cardinal uniform. Should be in Memphis. He is bringing the whole team down…

Can someone — ideally jpalella, who raised the issue here — please explain to me why so many fans single out Duncan? Why is HE the one you want to run out of town on a rail? Why does he take the abuse, and not Ludwick or Ankiel?

Is it personal? Please tell me, in the face of:

Duncan on the season: 253/341/402
Ankiel on the season: 237/295/405
Ludwick on the season: 231/303/426

Ludwick is at 165/250/271 since he returned from the DL.

So someone, jpalella or someone, explain to me why Duncan is the worst thing that ever happened, why he needs to be in Memphis, why he’s “bringing the whole team down” but the other two guys are doing just fine?

None of them has played up to expectations or potential. So why is Duncan, specifically, the goat?


Why is Duncan the goat? I’m not jpalella, but let me try a few reasons:
#1. Unlike Ank or Luddy, Dunc isn’t just struggling at the plate, he’s also lousy on the bases and a disaster in the outfield. The only thing he contributes on a baseball field is the power/walks game. When he isn’t hitting for power (which requires hitting for average), he’s a liability in all other regards.

#2. Many people think that Duncan is less likely to rebound back into something useful than Ank or Lud. There are two reasons for that. For one thing, there’s his injury. For the other, his one good year (2006) is farther in the past than Rick’s or Ryan’s.

#3. Most people dislike nepotism. There is a growing belief that Dunc would already be off the 25-man roster except that daddy would pitch a fit about it. That offends people. Personally, I lack the data to decide whether this belief is supported by the facts, but I certainly have nothing to REFUTE the belief. And if it is well founded, better to cut the tie and risk Papa Dunc’s wrath rather than let the thing fester.

I think that’s a good answer Stan. I would add to it that Chris Duncan is hitting in a prime position in the lineup, and has repeated looked WAY overmatched at the plate. Tonight, for example, he struck out on three pitches with the bases loaded and two out, against Cain. First pitch was nowhere close…swing and a miss. Second pitch a fastball right down central…he watched it for strike two. Third pitch was a fastball (maybe slider) in and he whiffed…end of inning.

To the Dude…THIS is one reason I always say numbers don’t tell the whole story. Lud has been hurt, so of course his numbers are lower. Afterall he had to regain his timing at the plate. Dunc doesn’t have that excuse. Anks gets a lot more leeway from fans simply because of who he is and how absolutely dazzling he is in CF. Dunc doesn’t have that going for him, either. He’s terrible defensively.

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