Sunday tidbits, redux

Some more tidbits…

* A little more on DeRosa and Khalil Greene. Here’s La Russa’s comment:

“[DeRosa] is very versatile. So if Khalil goes crazy, we’ll play him someplace else. But at this time, with Khalil struggling… But Khalil can play short too. There are two different things. One is Mark and one is Khalil, and they can both play at the same time. I know Mark’s going to play. Khalil needs to get going.

“There’s definitely a way for both guys to play in the same lineup. They’re separate. I think DeRosa’s going to play. I expect him to play well. But Khalil’s trying to get his game back. If he gets his game back, he’s going to play a lot. If he doesn’t, he’s not going to play as much.”

* TLR said that he hoped putting K.Greene in the 2-spot today would help him get going. But he also said that if Molina were available today, Ludwick would likely have hit second today.

* DeRosa will likely hit fourth a good bit against left-handed pitching. Against right-handers, the guess is he’ll slow somewhere in the 5-6 range, but he could also occasionally hit second or fourth.

* Mozeliak on Glaus today: “We’re hopeful by the end of this week we’ll have an idea if there will be any real opportunity for him to go out on rehab. And if so, we’ll try to get him going on that. But I’ve stated all along that we can’t wait forever.”

And, finally, a Minnesota playlist. Can hardly go wrong with this one…

Bob Dylan, “Tangled Up in Blue”
Prince, “Sign O’ The Times”
Replacements, “Alex Chilton”
Bob Mould, “See a Little Light”
The Hold Steady, “Yeah Sapphire”



It’s admirable that Tony wants to help Khalil as much as he can but it’s obvious his head is just not where it needs to be. With an error and a couple of K’s again today not only does he not need to play 3rd but he for sure doesn’t need to bat anywhere near Albert. The definition of protecting Albert isn’t to put an almost automatic out right in front of him. We have waited long enough for Khalil and his 6.5 million to play and get out of his own way with whatever issue he is dealing with. There is zero reason to ever sit anyone in favor of Khalil right now..Sorry Khalil but the pitty train has come to an end for you! Go get yourself right and come back when you are for sure you are, or good luck on whatever other random team gives you the league minimum next year hoping you can snap out of your funk!


We need pitching bad, Then we need some one to bat around Albert not some utility player. We have two ball players Albert and Carp. The Greens can make you see red. Why do the keep messing with K Green who dont even like to play the game.

slata4 is right – deal K. Greene – somewhere – for another arm. what is he swinging at up there ??? get his attitude and psyche out of the dugout. I like the hustle that Ryan shows – keep HIM in there.

Who would take K. Greene in a trade? I wouldn’t. Here’s my thoughts…with the acquisition of DeRosa, does that mean management has little confidence in Glaus’ return? OR does it mean that when/if he does return, do we move Skip back to the OF? THEN I wonder what would happen if the Cards successfully pursue Matt Holiday. I’m guessing in a trade like that, we’d be giving up Skip and/or Duncan. But I think we need pitching, at this point, MORE than protection for Albert.

Why does everyone keep saying we NEED more PITCHING?? IF you watch this team you would know that what they need is OFFENSE. Carp, Wainright, Lohse, Piniero are a fine top 4 with either Thompson or Boggs or someone other then Wellemeyer at the 5. The Cards ERA is 4th in all the majors at 3.87, take Wellemeyer out of that and they prolly are #1. Their Rotation has been solid, their bullpen has been very good with a rock solid closer! It’s obvious there are prolly only 1 or 2 hitters in the league that can make a pitcher, pitch to Pujols but we need something better then what were getting now. Get more offense and we win ball games..period! I dont’ care who plays where or what we give up…For those of you that want Holliday the A’s want a package of Ludwick and Brett Wallace, if you don’t want to give up Wallace stop yelling for management to get Holliday. Whatever happens with Glaus I’m very happy that management isn’t waiting any longer. If he comes back awesome move DeRosa to 2nd, put Skip in left do whatever, but no matter what you do you cannot play Khalil anymore over ANYONE, and Wellemeyer after he throws batting practice on thursday again should be taken out of the rotation for good! Again we Don’t need pitching..We DO need OFFENSE! Right now..MY LINEUP

1. Skip-2nd
2. Rasmus-CF
3. Pujols-1B
4. DeRosa-3B
5. Ludwick-RF
6. Ankiel-LF
7. Molina-C
8. Pitcher
9. B.Ryan-SS

Bench= Duncan, Thurston, K.Greene, T.Greene, LaRue

Maybe moving Derosa to 2nd spot or Ludwick to 4th and Rasmus to 5th at times, or Ryan Leading off. Obviously I’m not the manager but barring another move I think this Lineup gives us the best chance of winning.

Oh ya and as far as trading Khalil for a Pitcher…who in the world would trade for this headcase (other then our management of course)?? Someone might trade us a 20th round draft pick next year so we can pick a highschool pitcher, but that is about as close to a pitcher that we will get for him…or in other words most teams “might” give a bag of balls for him.

“If Khalil goes crazy…” Great choice of words there, Tony.

He may not be as untradeable as one might think. The brief spate of success when he came off the DL suggests that he still has talent. An organization with a low profile, few prospects for this year, and some history of rehabbing players with torn ligaments in their brains might find him an interesting part going forward. Hm … Kansas City? Oakland?

We have DeRosa, now go for Halliday. Who to offer? Any or all of the following (as many as it takes) Dunc, Ankiel, KGreene, Thurston, Kinney, Wellemeier, Lohse, Shumacher, Stavinoha, more. Ludwick if absolutely necessary. You could start an expansion team with what the Cards could give up to get Matt. Only Albert, Molina, Ryan, TGreene, Rasmus, Motte, McClellan, Carp, Franklin and Wainwright need to be protected from this trade.

Indians fan here wishing Mark DeRosa & the Cards the best of luck the rest of the season. I’d be willing to give up Lee too if I knew he was going to a good home like St. Louis.

Ha ya I thought the same thing when I read “Khalil going crazy” I had to read it again to make sure he was talking about him playing baseball ha. I got a bad feeling his ample share of playing time is going to come to an end and his trade value will be completely diminished. Again I hope he proves me wrong but so far all year he hasn’t even come close.

As far as Holliday goes the A’s have said they want a package that includes Ludwick and Brett Wallace, while we would all love that they would take Ludwick and someone we don’t care about that isn’t going to happen. So unless your ready to part with Wallace I think we can stop talking about Holliday. IF you are then that’s another story.

I wouldn’t mind adding Wallace to a package that brought a proven high caliber player to the Cards, but we have to be careful. Wallace is still strugling in AAA ball and might never make it to the Bigs so I could see adding him for a trade for the right person. Ryan Braun or Hunter Pence for instance. Holliday is not setting the AL on fire this year, his numbers except for BA are comparable to Ludwick’s… RBI the same, Lud has 11 HRs Holliday only 8. At best, he is only worth Ludwick and the pick of the runts in trade.

There isn’t a chance you get Braun for that package and if you want Pence I bet the name Rasmus starts to surface. Those are 2 Premium Players especially Braun which would take a TRUCKLOAD to get. There would definitely be no insignificant names in any trade for one of those two. And while Lud has more home runs and I really do hope that he figures out what is different from this year and last year he is batting .230 which I’ll trade for .280 any day.

Huge, huge, HUGE difference between Holliday on one hand and Pence/Braun on the other:

You only get Holliday for three months. He’s a free agent. That’s the reason he could be available.

Braun is signed through 2015 at extremely reasonable cost. Top of my head, I bet there aren’t five players in the Majors with more trade value than Braun, who is tremendously productive, cost controlled and under team control for the next six seasons. Likewise, Pence isn’t signed, but he is under team control for the next four seasons.

Teams don’t trade guys like that unless they’re in utterly dire financial straits. And when they trade them, they trade them for enormous packages of talent. You’re talking about deals that start with guys like Wainwright or Rasmus, and go from there.

In short, not going to happen.


For the short amount of time that the indians had him i was impressed and really wanted to keep him, but our pen stinks. He is a good all around player.

I completely agree with you I think you summed up what I was saying, only you did it in a better way. I guess that is why your the writer and I am just the blogger ha

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