Monday tidbits: Molina, Ryan, Mortensen, Greene – UPDATED

Very nice day at Busch Stadium today, will probably drop into the 80s by first pitch, clear and some breeze.

* One late update: Colby Rasmus is sitting due to a hiatal hernia. He’s likely to return to the active lineup on Wednesday.

* Yadier Molina is out again today due to a bruised right thigh. He sustained the injury on Saturday in a collision with Michael Cuddyer at home plate. Molina is likely to return to the lineup on Tuesday.

TLR comment:

“He’s still sore. He’s better than he was yesterday, and it would be a push to play him. We’re in the last two weeks of the first half. there’s no reason to do that. I expect he’ll play tomorrow.

“He got blasted right there in that muscle, and the muscle was really bruised to where he was having trouble yesterday squatting. Today he’s a little bit better but it’s still a push.”

* As already reported, Khalil Greene has been placed on the disabled list due to social anxiety disorder. Clayton Mortensen’s contract was purchased from Triple-A Memphis. Mortensen is present and available to pitch. He’s wearing No. 54.

* Brendan Ryan is back in the lineup after missing three days due to wrist soreness. He had a cortisone shot on Friday, and after the usual three days’ downtime, he’s back in there. TLR said he doesn’t expect that Ryan will be limited or restricted in how he can be used.

* Albert Pujols continues to hold a commanding lead at first base in All-Star balloting, and Yadier Molina is in the lead at catcher.

Today’s playlist, a Bay Area special:
Sly and the Family Stone, “I Want to Take You Higher”
Jefferson Airplane, “Somebody to Love”
Faith No More, “Midlife Crisis”
Rancid, “Roots Radicals”
Metallica, “Disposable Heroes”



With 2 lefties and Matt Cain to go, (who shut down the Card’s a month ago), looking like a pretty big sweep to start off the homestand!! A 4 gamer no less. Gotta wonder what DeRosa is thinking…. Coming from a injury riddled mess in Cleveland, to a bigger one in St. Louis. Rasmus dealing with stomach problem that could sideline him for a while(Ankiel), means more forced lineups to compensate, ouch. Too bad about the pitching staff, take Thompson and Wellemeyer out and goto a 4 man Rotation!

WHAT?? Did you forget that we have Carpenter and Wainright going the next 2 days?? Johnson isn’t anywhere near what he used to be and yes Cain is good but so is Wainright. And Wellemeyer is pitching for his life so you never know what were gonna get against Zito who isn’t exactly like he was when he won the Cy Young. Rasmus’s injury is nowhere near a matter of fact he says he will be available for tomorrows game, who knows if he plays with the lefty on the mound. If you think that the Cardinals are worse then the Indians then your as good of a fan as someone that predicts their team will get swept because they got shut down by arguably the best pitcher in baseball….Get Real!

Our slumping Cards are a pot waiting to boil over and it’s been simmering quite a while. These guys can break out any day now. Let’s not forget that they are still a .500+ team and Carp is going to get some run support soon. While yesterday was not enjoyable, both Ankiel and Ludwick are showing signs of life and the AB’s wasted on Dunc and KGreene should be reduced in days to come.

Forgot to mention that Thurston needs to buy a ticket if he wants to play. He spends too much time watcing the game while he runs the bases to get in free.

You mismanaged a quote yet again, RE: the sweep, the Cards pitching staff recieves the worst run suppoort in baseball as a staff(Carp having the worst run support in all of baseball), yet is 2nd in ERA do the math. The Cards are 2nd to worst in the league v. Lefties, maybe even the worst now not sure. I know who is pitching for us, it doesn’t matter if you can’t score. As far as the Indians, my meaning is the injuries and lineup shuffling that goes on in STL is over the top, compared to Cleveland. My hope is that MDR can see past it and sign long-term in STL. Ever had a hernia?

OK, I’m jumping in now. BE RESPECTFUL. Y’all know the guidelines here. Disagreement is good. Disrespect is not. Just because you disagree with somebody, doesn’t mean that person isn’t a “good fan” or a “real fan” or whatever.

Moreover, as for Rasmus’ condition, it IS very different from Ankiel’s. It’s a hiatal hernia, something different entirely.



Thanks M. Sorry if us fans tend to get a little riled up about this kind of stuff. Its kind of a break from real life and some times we are very passionate about it. Anyway, hopefully we can break out of this funk we have been in since the beginning of May it feels like, but my thoughts are if it has been going on that long its not so much of a funk as it is the real deal. I mean Pujols is a freaking stud, and sometimes he can win games for us all by himself, but we can’t rely on that. We need to start getting better AB’s and stop swinging at stuff well out of the strike zone. It seems like Luddy and Ank are doing that a lot and I know that they are better than this. Come on guys hang in there, and start getting a better grasp of the strike zone. We need you! Go Cards no matter what!

JR. I know how we hit against lefties, what I’m saying is giving this team an automatic sweep is Ludacris to me. And no I have never had a hernia but as M. points out hiatal hernias are nothing like what Ankiel was dealing with, I know this because I looked it up which is why i commented on it.

Sorry M, if I was disrespectful I didn’t mean to be, there are a lot of passionate fans that blog here and I guess I dont’ like when a blogger comes out here apparently a cards fan and disregards our team altogether to be able to win a game. We don’t all have your wonderful job to be around the team all the time so i guess this is the closest thing for us..either way my bad if I was.

Hey… have fun, be passionate, like I said, disagreement is good. I just want to make sure everybody respects each other. Thanks much, all.


Does anyone else find it unusaly that Molina, who i really think is one of the best catchers in the game, does not hustle anymore? Unless it is a sure hit he jogs to first and most of the time he never makes it to the bag. Poor display of leadership in my mind. I am surprised TLR puts up with it.

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