Monday transaction and lineup

Clayton Mortensen is on the active roster, and Khalil Greene is on the disabled list.

Brendan Ryan is back in the lineup, but Yadier Molina is still out.

Tonight’s lineup vs RHP Tim Lincecum:
1. Skip Schumaker 2B
2. Mark DeRosa 3B
3. Albert Pujols 1B
4. Ryan Ludwick RF
5. Chris Duncan LF
6. Rick Ankiel CF
7. Jason LaRue C
8. Brad Thompson P
9. Brendan Ryan SS



Why isn’t Rasmus in the line up? He has torn up RHP this season? What gives?

wow mortensen shot up to the big leagues. I hope he can be effective here and earn a spot in the rotation next year.



I must ask where Rasmus is…He isn’t Khalil he don’t need multiple days off..the kid is a player, unless he is banged up he needs to be in this lineup on a more consistent basis!

He is in a 2-for-25 slump — something tells me that if Duncan were in a 2-for-25, and IN the lineup, there would be lots of complaints about that.


I’m not one of the people that complain when Duncan is in the lineup but Colby’s defense compared to Duncan’s isn’t even close and really who is the future of this team? I would much rather have Colby hitting out of his slump then Duncan. Not too mention Duncan is supposed to be one of our Power threats..Colby has better all around numbers then Duncan does even with his slump that he is in and he only has 7 homers.

Is this the 14th rookie used by the Cards this year?

Yeah I gotta say I’m not happy seeing Duncan playing as much as he is. Rasmus in a slump, who cares? The kid is gonna be a very good big leaguer, better than Dunc and Ankiel will ever be. But he has to play, like Slata says defense is a major value that Duncan does not own in the OF, speed as well. So what if both guys are in a slump? You play Dunc? Cmon TLR, I wanna see some guys get hot and be able to see there name on the lineup card every day is important, but heck in STL, you just never know how TLR is gonna wake up the next day and flame ya out!

Update: Rasmus is dealing with a hiatal hernia. Got something coming on the blog and the site shortly.


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