DeRosa injures wrist

ST. LOUIS —  Three games into his Cardinals career, Mark DeRosa is hurt. He and the club are just hoping it’s not too serious.

DeRosa injured his left wrist on a swing in the fourth inning of St. Louis’ 6-3 loss to San Francisco on Tuesday night. He remained in the game for one more inning, but removed himself before taking another at-bat. He is expected to be re-examined on Wednesday.

“I took a swing there my second at-bat and felt a little tweak in my left wrist,” DeRosa said. “I went in to hit off the tee after coming in from playing the field, and it just didn’t feel right. I felt like I should come out of the game and get it looked at.”

Pitcher Chris Carpenter was removed for a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the fifth. When the sixth inning started, reliever Josh Kinney slotted into DeRosa’s spot in the batting order as part of a double-switch. Neither DeRosa nor manager Tony La Russa had any diagnosis beyond discomfort in the joint. DeRosa said he had never had an injury in that area before, so he did not know exactly what to make of it.

“I have no idea,” he said. “There are so many small bones and stuff in the wrist. I don’t know. But I didn’t want to go out there and push it and find myself not being able to play for a little bit.”

After taking Randy Johnson’s first pitch of the at-bat for a ball, DeRosa swung and missed at a changeup from Johnson, at which point he felt pain. He finished the at-bat, fouling off two pitches and hitting one of them extremely hard into the seats down the third-base line.

“I was able to gut through it,” he said. “It didn’t hinder my swing at all. But it was something that was progressively getting a little more uncomfortable as I stayed in the game.”


I loved DeRosa during his time in Chicago. While I certainly do not with the Cards any luck whatsoever, I hope that DeRosa is back doing what he does best as soon as possible. He is a good guy with a good bat. Why didn’t the Cubbies try to get him? Oh yeah, they are too busy burning money with Milton Bradley…

All you Indians fans out there: were there any indications before the trade that DeRosa might have an injury problem? I certainly wasn’t aware of any, but I’m getting concerned that a pattern of the Cardinals acquiring damaged goods may be emerging. I hope this is just coincidence…

stanthemanfan asked: “All you Indians fans out there: were there any indications before the trade that DeRosa might have an injury problem?”

Nope there wasn’t, the only injury he had while with the Tribe was during the Cubs game [interleague] when he went after a foul ball and hit the corner of the phone box that was left open. They held him out of I believe one game for that, he was still sore but otherwise fine and continued to play. Hope that helps.

BTW Sorry I put it in and then when I backspaced it was removed and noticed when I hit submit. That injury was a left hip contusion, but again as I said above he was fine a couple days later to play regularly.

Cubs managment had a terrible year getting rid of him and edmonds. I Hope De Rosa comes back and plays well hes a good guy and he can hit.
Bradley has done nothing with the cubs koskue is way over rated, and sorino has been the biggest dissapointment to me. I really hope the cubs will do something before the trade deadline to even contend with the cards.

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