Pujols outdoes even himself

When Albert Pujols does something even he has never done before, you know it’s special.

Pujols cranked his 29th and 30th home runs of the year on Tuesday night against the Giants, the 32nd time in Major League history a player has reached 30 homers before the All-Star break. The last player to do so was Alex Rodriguez, who had exactly 30 at the break in 2007. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, it’s also the 10th time in history a player has hit his 30th home run before July 1, and the first since 2001, when Barry Bonds and Luis Gonzalez both did so.

The only previous players with 30 home runs before June 1 were Bonds, Gonzalez, Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr., Mark McGwire and Babe Ruth.

Additionally, with 14 home runs in June, Pujols equaled a personal best for a single month. He had 14 in April of 2006. And he drove in his 33rd, 34th and 35th runs of June, setting a new personal mark. He had 33 RBIs in May of 2006.

Pujols has now hit at least 30 home runs in each of his nine Major League seasons, extending his own personal record to start a career.

It is Pujols’ seventh multi-homer game of 2009 and the 30th of his big league career.


Where is the rest of the team? Somebody needs to help Albert out. Enough of the steroid talk. Players are tested and he has not tested positive. Let’s go with innocent until someone proves otherwise. He claims he is clean. Can’t somebody be this good? What would the heros of the past done with todays conditioning? I think we would have seen more with these number if condition year round would have around when the folk heros were playing. Yes, the recent greats have let us down one by one, but that was before the current testing era. Baseball is trying to clean up the game at least a little bit. I beleive Albert is the poster boy for the steroid free future of the game. Albert I beleive your the real deal!!!!!!!!!

I have never heard anyone suggest that Albert Pujols is using steriods. I am not sure where this is coming from. Mr. Pujols _is_ the real deal. It’s called plate discipline and good hand-eye coordination.

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