Wednesday tidbits: DeRosa, Glaus, Lohse, Hoffpauir, Wallace

All sorts of news at the ballpark today, where it’s a gorgeous, mild, breezy night.

* Mark DeRosa has been diagnosed with a strained tendon in his left wrist and is day-to-day. He’s expected to miss a few days but the club did not place him on the disabled list.

* Troy Glaus will begin the Florida phase of his rehab from shoulder surgery tomorrow, and the hope is that he will soon begin playing in Minor League games. He’s likely to head straight to the Florida State League to begin playing games.

* The Cardinals purchased the contract of infielder Jarrett Hoffpauir from Triple-A Memphis and optioned right-handed pitcher Clayton Mortensen to Memphis.

* Kyle Lohse will make a rehab start at Springfield tomorrow, and per John Mozeliak, he’s likely to make one more rehab start after that. Mozeliak said today he does not expect that Lohse’s next appearance would be for the big league club. Thus, it sounds like his first start since going on the DL would be the last day before the All-Star break, as part of that doubleheader in Chicago.

* Someone asked whether Brett Wallace had been considered for the callup today, and TLR clearly did not like that idea.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said. “Whoever is saying that… are you guys pulling against him? Whoever is making those comments is pulling against him rather than for him. Just let him play. If anybody cares about this young man being a Cardinal, let him play.”

* A reminder: tomorrow night’s first pitch is at 6:15 p.m. CT, an hour earlier than normal.

* Jess Todd has been named a Pacific Coast League all-star.

Tonight’s playlist, another Bay Area special. Trying for four nights:
Grateful Dead, “Box of Rain”
Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Fortunate Son”
Otis Redding, “Dock of the Bay”
Janis Joplin, “Piece of My Heart”
Rolling Stones, “Gimme Shelter”



Can someone please explain to me why Thurston was not pinch hit for with the bases loaded??? I understand we have a short bench but he could of brought in Ankiel and put T. Greene at 3rd and Ankiel in left. I don’t care how short that bench is you have to win that game at that point!! Too bad DeRo is hurt…I’m really done with watching Thurston swing at any crap the pitcher throws him and his .220 something average.

ha nevermind apparently Ankiel swings like Thurston now!

CONGRATS RASMUS!! Glad to see someone besides Pujols has some life in his bat!

I’m not generally one to jump on a bandwagon for jettisoning a guy, but if this game doesn’t convince the team that it’s time to defenestrate Thurston, I honestly don’t know what it will take. There is simply no getting around it: he is hurting the team, and ANYTHING would be better.

Couple of tidbits of my own
Slata I stand corrected thankfully there will be no sweep! My apologies to all.
A quick question for Matt, Al and Dan were discussing the fact that this is the 3rd straight day the Giants have used the same lineup…. Have the Cards this year used the same lineup 3 days in a row? I can’t recall that happening, but with all the injuries, you’d think somewhere back they had to.
I also heard on the Seattle broadcast the the M’s are listening to offers for Ichiro, any chance the Cards make a play for him? I see the salary is pretty high but considering just the fact of his numbers in the leadoff spot, he would be on alot in front of Pujols.
One other tidbit, why doesn’t Rasmus leadoff? You’d think with his speed, it would be an ideal spot for him, I think then putting Ryan in the 2nd hole would be pretty productive. L-R-L-R, pretty tough to bullpen that on an everyday basis

Rasmus doesn’t lead off because he doesn’t get on base. It’s been a real disappointment to me seeing his unwillingness to take a walk. He was a good OBP guy in the Minors. He’s been much less so in the Majors. A .313 OBP is a bad idea in the leadoff spot.

As for shifting the lineup around, I’ve never believed it matters. People get really worked up about it but I just don’t think it’s a big deal to the players.

Asked TLR about Thurston/Anks in the postgame, I’m assuming y’all heard his answer…

And Ichiro, IMO nowhere near worth the cost in talent and cash it would take to get him. Having a great year, but just last year he was at 310/361/386. Love to watch him play, but definitely wouldn’t trade for him if I were the one making the decisions.


Unfortunately I live in an area where unless the game is on ESPN I’m watching the Cards game with my MLB.TV package and I don’t ever get to see Tony’s interview. I turned the game off after they won last night since I had to get to bed so I didn’t get to hear what Tony said about Thurston/Ankiel if they showed it after the game. So can you let me know his answer or if you have a link that takes me to his press conference post it on here? Thanks!

Same here. I don’t get to hear post-game stuff. What was the gist of it? Stay or go? If stay, why? How can he possibly justify keeping Thurston around?
Raz had good enough plate discipline in the minors that you have to think he’ll be back in that mode eventually in the Show. One’s rookie season is not always representative, unless one’s name is Pujols….

Slats…. I have the same problem w/MLBTV.. kind of cheesy of them to shut down before TLR is available for his interview. If there is a link to the conf somewhere, a lot of us would like to see it. Surely the arrival of Glaus should trigger the departure of Thurston, but it looks like that’s about the only thing that is going to dislodge him. Obviously we don’t see in him what TLR does. Walks or no walks Rasmus needs to be an everyday player (so does Ludwick). Rasmus has already shown ability to hit LHP and right now he needs the experience gained by playing every day. How can anyone look at the numbers and start Ank or Dunc ahead of him?

Well, I’m no more concerned with Thurston than I am with Duncan and the team is STILL swinging at the first pitch… where-oh-where is the hitting coach!? How come other teams stretch out our pitchers and we don’t do the same to them?

In the end, however, given the news on Glaus, I’m sure he’s feeling really positive about what its going to be like with the manager when he gets back when TLR says this: “A glimmer [of hope], that’s a good way to put it,” manager Tony La Russa said. “But he still has to do a lot. I just hope, since he has control of this, that he’ll take full [advantage] of the rehab at-bats. Twenty games, 60-70 at-bats, I hope.”

It always makes players feel positive when it is made clear that their manager expects them to not put much into their rehab unless they’re given a kick in the pants… “since he has control of this”….jeez.

I have been noticing the low pitch counts opposing starters are running against the Cards. Too many games where the starters against us get into the late innings and average about 10 pirches an inning. If our guys had more patience at the plate it would help wear out their pitching. If you want to see a LOT of pitching (I didn’t say good pitching, altho there is always hope) watch Wellemeier tonite. He can throw in the 30’s in the first inning.

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