Belated Thursday tidbits: Lohse, Miller, DeRosa

* Kyle Lohse started for Double-A Springfield tonight, lasting 4 2/3 innings. He allowed two runs on three hits (one of them a bunt single), struck out three and walked four. He started out somewhat shaky, allowing a homer and two walks in the first inning, cruised through the second, third and fourth innings and faded somewhat in his final frame. Lohse threw 79 pitches, at the upper end of his 60-80 pitch count, 44 for strikes.

He’ll probably pitch again in the Minors on Tuesday, which would put him on track to pitch one game of the doubleheader on July 12 that ends the first half of the season for the Cardinals.

* John Mozeliak spoke with us scribes today regarding Wagner Mateo and several other topics. One thing that came up was Shelby Miller, and Mozeliak said that it’s likely to be an “11th-hour” situation. He did say two things in particular about Miller in relation to Mateo, also.

One, he reiterated that the dollars given to Mateo should not have any effect on what the team can spend on Miller. Two, he also said that it wasn’t as though the club was devoting all of its time and efforts to Mateo at the expense of negotiating with Miller. It just seems to be a slow process with Miller. And that makes some sense, because typically when players sign for above slot (as Miller is very likely to do, assuming he signs), it tends to happen very late in the signing period. The deadline is Aug. 17.

* The Cards do not expect Mark DeRosa to be available to start until at least Tuesday, after the off day on Monday. However, TLR said that he would be willing to use DeRosa as a pinch-runner or conceivably even a defensive replacement in the interim.

“We’re going to look at him hopefully for Tuesday,” La Russa said. “I think that’s the earliest. If he’s not ready Tuesday, he’s not ready Tuesday. But I don’t think it will be this weekend.”

As for using him as a pinch-runner or defensive player, the manager said, “We’re short. I’ll take him however we can get him.”

Today’s playlist, one final round of Bay Area music:
Timex Social Club, “Rumors”
Digital Underground, “Doowutchyalike”
MC Hammer, “U Can’t Touch This”
Tony! Toni! Ton!, “If I Had No Loot”
En Vogue, “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)”



My hat is off to Wellemeyer for a fine game last night. I was one of his critics (mainly that he needed an ‘out’ pitch). Another blog reported that he made corrections after spending 30 mins watching video of his delivery w/Daddy Dunc. A fair question is ‘What took so long’? This could have happened 2 or 3 weeks ago. Was it the coaching staff’s fault or was it Wellemeyer refusing to listen until it was make or break time. Some want to ship him out but the man is 7-7 with marginal run support for the year. Who would you trade him for? Barry Zito at 4-9? Jeff Suppan at 5-6, Manny Parra at 3-8, Chris Young at 4-6? The list goes on and when you compare him to other back of the order MLB pitchers, he is not all that bad. I hope this is a turnaround for him.

Rasmus comes off the bench for two key hits tonite while Ankiel, Thurston and Dunc go hitless (again) and Thurston adds to his club leading 10 errors. How could Tyler Greene do much worse? I think TLR is a great mgr but he needs to have some second thoughts about his preference for giving so much playing time to Dunc and Joe T.

Matthew, do you know if Wagner Mateo will be playing ball with one of our organizational teams this summer? We’ve read everywhere about his signing, but not a word about where he’ll be playing.

Matthew, do you know if Wagner Mateo will be playing ball with one of our organizational teams this summer? We’ve read everywhere about his signing, but not a word about where he’ll be playing.

DSL if everything gets squared away in time.


where did K. Greene disappear to?I thought he was on the comeback?He was really doing good.

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