Saturday lineups, tidbits to follow – UPDATE

Cardinals lineup vs. RHP Micah Owings:
1. Schumaker 2B
2. Rasmus CF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Duncan LF
5. Ankiel RF
6. Molina C
7. Thurston 3B
8. Thompson P
9. Ryan SS
9. T.Greene SS (Ryan has been scratched)

Reds lineup:
1. Dickerson LF
2. Taveras CF
3. Votto 1B
4. Phillips 2B
5. Bruce RF
6. Encarnacion 3B
7. Hairston SS
8. Hernandez C
9. Owings P



I give up, no more comments about the lineup. Everyone can see who starts, who sits. It’s a mystery to everyone but our esteemed manager. We are back in first place, and we are just gonna have to trust him because he wants to win as much an any of us, but I am ready to buy the bus tickets to Springfield for a couple of these guys when the word comes. IThe daily lineup is at least interesting for the players. Everywere else, the players check in, play the same position, and hit in the same slot just like a regular working stiff punching the clock everyday. Not theCards!

While There is only so much you can say about Duncan trying to protect Pujols in the #4 hole or Thurston even being allowed to pick up a bat, I don’t understand why a top 4 of Ryan/Shumacher, Rasmus, Pujols and Ludwick is so hard to just keep penciling in. When DeRosa comes back he goes to #5, then Molina, then Ankiel/Duncan. Both Duncan and Ankiel need to platoon while Rasmus and Ludwick get the playing time barring injury. Ludwick seems to be coming out of it and Ankiel and Duncan have looked lost and have lost anything that resembles a power bat all season, while Rasmus is obviously the real deal!

1. Ryan/SHu
2. Rasmus
3. Pujols
4. Ludwick
5. DeRosa
6. Molina
7. Ankiel/Dunca
8. Pitcher
9 Ryan/Shu

This way you have 2 guys to get on base in front of Pujols and a good hitter to bat behind Ludwick as well, while you still keep the 2nd leadoff hitter batting 9th intact. Thoughts???

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