Sunday tidbits: Ankiel, Glaus, Freese, tunes

So, uh, hi, everybody. My name’s Matthew Leach. A long time ago, I covered the Cardinals for And now do again. Got a little break after the All-Star Game, but it’s back in the saddle again.

* Rick Ankiel got his MRI results back, and according to TLR, “he’s got some issues” but is cleared to play. The manager acknowledged that whatever Ankiel is dealing with in his right shoulder, it’s likely affecting his swing. But he said that it’s his understanding that a bit of simple rest wouldn’t solve the issue.

* We talked to the skipper a little more about Troy Glaus playing the outfield, and he said he feels that a questionable thrower can be shielded much more effectively in left field than at third base. “There are a lot of [terrible]-throwing outfielders that have been world champions,” he said.

* David Freese got back in a game for the first time in two months on Sunday. He went 1-for-2 at the plate, and in the field he started two double plays in three innings at third base.

* TLR explained the decision yesterday to have Kinney issue the IBB, rather than leaving Miller in to do it, then making the move. He fully expected Haren to hit for himself. But IF the Diamondbacks had gone to Chad Tracy as a pinch-hitter, then Kinney could have been lifted for Reyes, because Kinney would already have faced one batter.

* And, for those who care, I was able to deduce many of the Cardinals’ walkup songs yesterday. A few are pretty obvious (Ludwick, for example). Here are ones that were not:

Skip Schumaker: “Know What I’m Doin’,” by Birdman featuring Lil Wayne
Colby Rasmus: “D.A.N.C.E.,” by Justice (this is a new one for him)
Albert Pujols: “The Professional,” by Canton Jones featuring Joey
Yadier Molina: “Ahora Es,” by Wisin and Yandel
Nick Stavinoha, “I Don’t Wanna Stop,” by Ozzy Osbourne
Mark DeRosa, “Shoot to Thrill,” by AC/DC



Welcome back, Matthew. How about a list of the “obvious” coming to bat songs? Those of us who can only listen to games via computer never hear the songs. Do pitchers have coming-to-bat music?

What the heck. I was at the game yesterday and thought I’d get the usual Stillborn by Black Label Society from Colby. Instead everybody but DeRosa and Wainwright had rap.

Good to have you back, Matt🙂 I was wondering–do players get to choose their songs? I always thought it would be funny if someone chose some Classical piece… A Mozart chorale perhaps?😉 cheers.

Glad you’re back.
Now, could you get a hit for DeRosa?

Thanks for coming back to us M!! Missed you and the great info you provide to us on a regular basis. So maybe this will bring down the price to resign Ankiel, but it also reduces his trade value right?

Welcome back M, I’m very intrigued to hear that Glaus might go into left field. He was wonderful at 3rd last year but if his throwing arm isn’t right, protect him like they do with Pujols. As long as he can hit we can deal with a less then special left fielder since Duncan obviously isn’t a top notch defender and Ankiel has become an almost automatic out at the plate. I was also wondering if you have heard any rumblings about Roy Halladay? I know our pitching has been fine lately with the exception of anykind of a reliable #5 “Wellemeyer/Thompson, and a sketchy Lohse. A top 3 of Carp/Halladay/Wainright would be insane and it sounds like the Phillies are backing off which may drive the asking price down a bit. I’m guessing any package would have to include Brett Wallace, but I think a proven #1 elite pitcher is worth a top prospect. Thoughts?

It’s not just the prospects that figure into the cost of Roy Halladay, it’s the money. He will command more than Pujols is currently making and Wainwright is not going to be working for peanuts any more, either. The Cards budget would go up about 50% to get all three of these signed to long term contracts. Also, you figure Halladay being paid $15M per year and he will get you 18 wins. Wellemeyer makes $1M and can get you 10. You are payng almost $2M each for those other eight wins. You could get a pretty hefty bat for that $14M with a lot of change left over for a mid-tier pitcher.

Heya ML, glad to see you back. Can you give us a list somewhere of all the current walk-up songs? I only see 5… Thanks

I agree that the price is high..there isn’t a person in the game that would say Halladay isn’t worth it. Yes Wellemeyer might get you 10 wins while making a mil, but Wellemeyer has done much more harm then good for this team this year, something Halladay wouldn’t do throughout the season, and to top it off when you get to where your shooting for which is the playoffs you have a lock down starter where Wellemeyer would be lucky if he came out of the bullpen. I agree the cost is high, and next year when Glaus, Duncan, Ankiel, and K. Greene come off the books there is money right there that opens up not only to fit Halladay in but to start talking with Wainright about his raise. As far as Pujols goes they have already got him in the budget for the 14 mil that he makes, I don’t know what kind of a raise he will ask for from the Cards, but it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he asks for 18-20 mil and doesn’t go for some stupid number like 25-30 per which a team like the Yankees would be happy to pay him. Pujols has already said that he wants to remain a Cardinal throughout his career as long as “THE CARDS PROVE THEY WANT TO COMPETE” Albert is the ultimate competitor and hates to lose. You go through the rest of the season with a rotation of Carpenter, Halladay, Wainright, Lohse, Piniero you can start talking seriously about winning the World Series which is always the ultimate goal, and Shows Pujols you Definitely want to compete!

er, 6 rather….
also, on the Halladay front, this is Halladay’s walking year too, we would essentially be renting him unless we made it a trade and sign deal, and renting him at $18 Mil is not worth it, IMHO, and signing him to a deal even for 4-5 years would probably run us 80-100 Mil. I think Halladay has proved at the current market rate, he is a $20/Mil/year starter. As much as I’d love to see him next to Carp again, I doubt the ownership will pony up the big bucks that he’d require, not to mention the damage to our farm system that he’d do, whether we signed a longer deal with him or rented him for half a year.

pirate…just to let you know Halladay is signed through Next year. So we would get him for the rest of this year and next year as well for $15 mil. Then we would have to look at resigning him.

Why waste millions of dollars and prospects on a pitcher whose getting old when we already have the 3rd best pitching staff in the NL. Our hitting is horrible. That should be where the money is placed. Oh, and if you wanna make Albert happy, a bat would probably be more influential to him.

i agree our 1,2 and 3 is pretty good. why not go after a better back of the rotation pitcher for less money and spend the money on a big bat from the A’s. Before you all jump, I’m talking about Cabrera whose numbers are much better than Holliday’s.

sorry gentleman, enjoy reading everyone , I want Halliday because (we know they have enough money) pitching wins the World Series – hitting only gets you IN the playoffs.

Why do you get Halladay? Because he helps you to win the World Series! That makes Pujols happy! You go into every series with the opportunity to win them all. Halladay, Carp, Wainright, Piniero, Lohse is scary! I Completely agree with Toad. Just like in the NFL Defense wins Baseball Pitching WINS World Series’s…2 examples..The Yankees recently..GREAT Lineup, Suspect pitching= nothing…Last year the Tigers had a great lineup with garbage pitching and finished at the bottom of the division, this year they have a worse offense and good pitching and they are in 1st. When you have a chance to get arguably the best pitcher in baseball on your team you do it!

SLATA4 that comment makes no sense: the Tigers had one player who hit over .300 last year.

I’m sorry it doesn’t make sense to you…compare the stats from last year to this year, pitching and hitting and I’m sure it will. Mags and Polanco hit over .300 while 4 more guys hit over .280, now after 91 games they have 1 over .300 and 0 at .280-.299. Verlander 11-17 then 10-5 Now. Just a couple stats to get you started, since it makes no sense that they aren’t hitting less and pitching better.

Well lets just think about the near future. We would most likely have to give up 4 or 5 prospects for Halladay, who is 32. Those prospects would most likely include Wallace, Anderson, Garcia, Mortenson, Freese, Motte, Jay and/or others. Why would that be a better trade? Also, we already have 3 darn good pitches on our staff that could definetly get us through the playoffs. Derosa, Glaus, Greene, Ankiel, and Duncan will all be leaving next year most likely which means we will need to fill spots as cheaply as possible so we can pay Albert. It just seems like overall this trade would not be the best for the team especially since we already have the 3rd best pitching staff in the NL

pay Halliday and, in the near future, GO TO THE WORLD SERIES !!!!!!! since all those players are leaving NEXT season – pay him and go NOW !!! WHERE does that information come from – that the Cardinals have NO money ?? they are #3 on the Forbes RICHEST teams (MLB). They choose not to spend it.

Ha thank you TOAD..they have money…there is no guarantee that all those people leave, I think they will try to resign DeRosa and let Glaus, Greene and Ankiel walk. As far as trading for Halladay Yadidiciple..Yes any package probably will center around Wallace and if we have to give up someone with the “potential” to be good for a TOP 3 Pitcher who will get us to and help us WIN the WORLD is that a bad thing??? The cards will probably have to give up 4 people for him and not the 7 players or more that you mentioned above. And above all else look at the package of players that you put above…who do you really think is going to be a superstar anywhere near the status of Halladay?? Wallace? maybe..Motte?? ERA around 5..not so much, Freese had a chance and flopped, Garcia showed flashes then got injured. The Blue Jays owner said “if they want Halladay it’s gonna hurt” and by all means it should…there is no way they are going to take garbage for one of the best if not the best pitchers in the game. Of the package above of the 7 players or more…pick any 4 and let’s make a deal!!!!

I’m not gunna lie, yall have persuaded me. I was skeptical at first but looking at what yall have said it does actually seem pretty beneficial. Go for it Mo!!

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