Cardinals option Duncan

The Cardinals optioned Chris Duncan to Triple-A Memphis on Wednesday.

General manager John Mozeliak confirmed the transaction on Tuesday morning but did not divulge which player would be added to the active roster, saying only that the roster spot would be filled “internally.” One possibility for a recall is Troy Glaus, who has been on a Minor League rehabilitation assignment as he recovers from offseason shoulder surgery. Glaus has yet to play in the Major Leagues in 2009.

Duncan, 28, underwent a rare surgical procedure over the winter, having a titanium disk inserted in his neck. He started the season well, hitting .304 and slugging .522 in April. Since then, though, he has steadily trended downward. In May, Duncan hit .227 and slugged .386, and in June his slugging percentage fell all the way to .289. Duncan is 1-for-31 since June 29.

On Tuesday, manager Tony La Russa angrily criticized portions of the St. Louis fan base and media who, in his opinion, have singled out Duncan unfairly as opposed to other Cardinals players who have slumped at the plate this year.



It had to be done….heck I say bring up Brett Wallace and let Derosa play in left for a few games until Troy can get just a few more games in the outfield. Then when Troy comes up you can send Stavinoha back down. And Khalil could replace Thurston. That sounds like a sweet team to me.

Ryan N.
St. Louis, MO

Hate to see the potential Dunc showed a few years ago go down the drain, but this move is logical. I wish him the best at Memphis and maybe he can get straightened out there. Another team mate or two needs to join him there. Put them on the DL and then some rehab in the minors might rejuvinate them. I like Thurston off the bench as a PH, etc, just not a regular. Don’t know what to expect from KGreene except what we have already seen.

There was talk last spring about making McClellan a starter. Could it be done in mid-season. If so, that might shore up the back of the order and let mgt focus on another quality bat.

Bernie Miklasz is saying the Cards have traded Duncan for Lugo. Have you heard that yet?

AMEN !!! next Wellenmeyer. watching enough batting practice in the division.

The Rex Sox put Lugo on assignment I think. If there was a trade, the Cards might have to pick up some of his big salary, plus the word on him is that he is so crippled up that he can’t field his position. He can still hit, maybe they could put himin LF???

Wow, in the span of 48 hours Duncan goes from sending Tony on a yelling spree defending his honor, to being sent to Memphis to being traded for Lugo. Lugo is an intriguing player, and I think management is getting it. I’m curious as if some of Tony’s frustration was because he saw this coming and he didn’t want to see it happen. Duncan needs a new change of scenery in a DH type position so good luck to him, but getting insurance at SS is a great move. Apparently he isn’t as good of a fielder as he used to be there but can still hit and since Boston put him on assignment, if I’m correct we owe him the league minimum while Boston picks up all of the remaining big deal. And I think management knows they can’t and are not going to count on Khalil anymore. Soooo, so far we have traded a so-so relief pitcher for a cheap upgrade at 3rd and a slumping Outfielder for a minimum wage upgrade at depth for SS. Wonder if Mo has another trick up his sleeve…say going after a bigger fish to put in his starting rotation “they did say they have payroll flexibility to take on a bigger salary”, since Wellemeyer is sure to not be the “best option” for very much longer…Do I hear Halladay??

Tell me what you think about this for a lineup and positions…
1. Skip LF
2. Lugo 2nd
3. AP 1st
4. DeRosa 3rd
5. Luddy R
6. Colby C
7. Yadier C
8. Ryan SS
9. Pitcher

Defense wise I can’t think of a better defensive lineup. I like Lugo at 2nd because of his diminished range… and I like the pitcher batting 9th in this line up because of what TLR said about speed in front of the pitcher for sacrafices. IDK… Tell me what you guys think…

Really disappointed w/ dealing away the top prospect Wallace for ANOTHER outfielder having a bad season in Holliday – they got it wrong – we NEED HALLIDAY – another good PITCHER – not an over-paid mediocre outfielder. Good move – quickly followed by BAD move. PITCHING wins World Series, NOT hitting.

Eh… We have the 4th best rotation in the NL… Our offense is what needs an upgrade. We need protection for Pujols, and that will help a lot. TW might even be able to get a win if our offense is better…

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