Wednesday tidbits: Duncan, Lugo, DeRosa, Wellemeyer

We’ve got a tremendous game here in Houston tonight, and you may have heard it’s been a bit of a busy day. So finally I’ve got your tidbits. I won’t be on the rest of the trip, and will try to disconnect for a few days before getting back on it at home next week.

By now you’ve heard and read plenty about the Chris Duncan trade. A few notes on it, though.

* Duncan was a very, very popular player in the clubhouse. Guys will get over this, and it’s not like some irreparable rift has been created within the clubhouse or between the players and the front office, but some guys were definitely unhappy with the move.

* With that said, Lugo might be a very nice fit. Offensively, he certainly should be. He’s getting on base at a very high clip against LHP, and he did the same last year. That can only help the team. However, according to both the stats and people’s observation, his defense has fallen off a cliff. He suffered a significant quadriceps strain last summer and had knee surgery this spring. That’s a tough pair of knocks to a guy’s range.

* Some guys knew something was afoot regarding Duncan, but it’s my understanding that last night’s team meeting was not about this move.

* Despite the addition of Barden today (although it’s possible he’ll be gone again tomorrow) and Lugo probably tomorrow, TLR said he doesn’t expect to play Mark DeRosa in the outfield much.

* The pitcher was back in the 9 spot. The official explanation from the manager is that he wanted to bat Molina 7th, and he doesn’t like Molina in front of the pitcher because you want more speed on the bases when you sacrifice bunt with the pitcher.

* The Cardinals probably will not return to 12 pitchers any time soon. Between Philadelphia’s unfriendly ballpark and lineup, and next week’s home games, the preference is to stay at 13 for a while. The manager often argues that you’re more likely to have bullpen depth issues at home, since you have to pitch nine innings in a loss at home.

* And TLR also said Wellemeyer is definitely safe for his next start. They’re just not convinced that anybody else would offer more, and they believe he’ll improve. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

No playlist today. This thing is already way too late.



I can’t believe that we have no better option than Wellemeyer in our organization, excluding Thompson, who is along the same mold as Wellemeyer but can pitch out of the pen effectively.
I think that if you are going to “bring” along a starting pitcher it should be a player who we are grooming for the future like a Boggs for instance, I still think he has the tools to pitch up here.
As for Duncan, a change was needed. Either way win/win for everyone. TLR shouldn’t have a problem with the buisness of winning, after all thats what drives him to keep managing year after year I hope. You could see his side of the equation, having watched Duncan grow up and play on a team with his dad and TLR, still I thought his comments were a tad over the top to say the least. Ryan has done a wonderful job @ the SS position, and who knows where the Cards would be if he didn’t fill that void.
We need to get on track again, seems someone forgot to tell the boys the second half has started…..

Watching from afar (Iraq), I think TLR is right on–Duncan was taking a beating from the media and fan base a little more than deserved. Yes, he slumped since May. So have others, but negativity just begets more negativity. Maybe it was the thought or rumor of neputism which is so often spoken about–Chris didn’t make the Cardinals because of his Dad, he made it because of his talent. Further, remember also that he blew a disk out in his neck. Instead of getting an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) which would have surely ended his playing days, he underwent a cervical disk implant–something never done before–just so he could continue playing! So, yes, cut the kid some slack–he is still recovering.

I do think he needed to change in scenery, and only wish him the best with his new team. I hope that the Lugo trade pans out well for the Cards and hope to see Matt Holliday in a Cardinal uniform soon (and Roy Halladay).

Go Cards!!!

I believe that the criticism of Chris Duncan was not unwarranted, and I believe that Tony is somewhat responsible for it. Let me explain…In the past when a hitter, PARTICULARLY lefties, were not swinging well they would not play (see Edmonds). Tony doesn’t seem to be a fan of letting a guy play through his struggles. However, when it came to Chris Duncan, he seemed to be given more leeway to play through his struggles. That doesn’t go over well with us fans, especially those of us who wanted to see other guys get the chance to play through a slump but never did. And then you have these comments from Tony directed at fans. I think Tony needs to shut his big, fat mouth when it comes to fans. His remarks furthered my feelings that I want him gone. I don’t care how many games he wins in the regular season, it doesn’t give him the right to shoot his mouth off at those that pay his salary by going to games.

If Wellemeyer is the “best option” for anything then this team better hope that its other 4 starters are lights out cuz unless the other team is just downright pathetic you might as well either chock up a loss or your bullpen being exhuasted because of anothe 4 inning outing. There is a rumore here about the Cards trading Wallace for Matt Holliday… While I wouldn’t mind seeing this guy in left field for us I would much rather trade Wallace for Roy Halladay. Especially since Halladay is under contract for next year and unless ownership surprises everyone and resigns Holliday they are giving up a top prospect for a couple month rent-a-player….Not sure how I feel about that!

Tell me what you think about this for a lineup and positions…
1. Skip LF
2. Lugo 2nd
3. AP 1st
4. DeRosa 3rd
5. Luddy R
6. Colby C
7. Yadier C
8. Ryan SS
9. Pitcher

Defense wise I can’t think of a better defensive lineup. I like Lugo at 2nd because of his diminished range… and I like the pitcher batting 9th in this line up because of what TLR said about speed in front of the pitcher for sacrafices. IDK… Tell me what you guys think…

oh WAIT!!! We are going to get Holliday, so here’s what I think now…

Colby to the number 2 spot, Skip to play second Luddy batting 5th and Holliday batting 4th in Left

I can only say one thing< Wellemeyer HAS TO GO !! A Duncan project or not, his time is up. Another Kip Wells and Anthony Reyes..I get sick watching him pitch,..

I have to repeat myself>Wellemeyer MUST GO NOW !! The more I watch this game today ” Sunday” I am SICK.. bad enough the bullpen gave it up on Sat. The team would be better off with someone from AAA. They have made some GREAT trades of late, BUT they MUST get rid of Wellemeyer. He is an automatic lose every 5 days…

I agree with you maybe Glaus can bring us something who knows, but Wellemeyer and his batting practice sessions against whoever he is facing needs to stop.

Slata, that’s a good Idea, and I hope Matt is reading these responses and will write about it ! Glaus is done as a Cardinal, its time to send him to the AL for some pitching. We need a RH in the Pen for long relief and Just outright get rid of Wellemeyer, how long is TLR going to give him. Thats at least 14 FOR SURE more loses for the season.

Matt, I hope you are reading these responses and will write about them.. Glaus was a great trade, but now it is time for him to move on. He cant through the ball so what good is he, He needs to go to the AL to DL for some RH pitching. Then we can FINALLY get rid of Wellemeyer. Sorry Welly, BUT you are done as a redbird. You are an automatic lose every 5 days. Time to go..

Slata, that’s a good Idea, and I hope Matt is reading these responses and will write about it ! Glaus is done as a Cardinal, its time to send him to the AL for some pitching. We need a RH in the Pen for long relief and Just outright get rid of Wellemeyer, how long is TLR going to give him. Thats at least 14 FOR SURE more loses for the season.

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