Cardinals acquire Holliday

A Major League source has confirmed that a deal is in place for the Cardinals to acquire Matt Holliday from the A’s in exchange for Brett Wallace, Triple-A right-hander Clayton Mortensen and Double-A outfielder Shane Peterson. ESPN reports that Oakland will send some cash to St. Louis to help offset some of the remaining cost of Holliday’s contract.

Holliday has long been a target of the Cardinals, who talked trade with Colorado over the winter before the Rockies shipped the three-time All-Star to Oakland. He bolsters the team’s outfield and offers the cleanup hitter that manager Tony La Russa has long coveted to slot behind Albert Pujols in the Cardinals lineup.

Holliday, 29, can be a free agent at the end of the 2009 season. His current contract pays him $13.5 million, of which approximately $6 million is still due.

Wallace, 22, was St. Louis’ first-round pick in the 2008 Draft and has rocketed through the Minor Leagues. He is currently playing at Triple-A Memphis. Mortensen, 24, is also at Memphis and was a supplementary first-rounder in 2007. Peterson, 21, was a second-round selection in 2008.


🙂 exciting times to be a Cards fan🙂 I hope he gets to Philly for tonight🙂 Can’t wait to see the stlouis faithful give him a royal reception at home!

This is a terrible deal. Holliday is not just having a bad year; his past statistics show that away from Coors Field this is the player that he is. That is, Holliday is a good player, but not a great player. Now that Ankiel’s shoulder seems to be improving, I would rather have Ankiel, Rasmus, and Ludwick in the outfield than Holliday at any of those positions.

Further, we gave up our 3rd baseman of the future for what is essentially a rental for the remainder of the season. Why?

– JimR

Good to see this move. Although in the end we might have overpaid, sometimes you have to try to win now. 3 moves in 1 month, I still think something needs to be done with the SP, maybe Boggs can come back up.

I wonder who goes down tonight? Stavi seems like most likely candidate. Also, hopefully the favorable number of remaining off day plus this move make the Octo-Pen no longer an option. Will be interesting to see how all these moves affect Glaus and Greene and youngsters. Right now we have 11 position players locked into the active roster. Holliday, Raz, Ank, Lud, DeRo, Ryan, Skip, Pujols, Yadi, Larue, Lugo. Even with 13 position players that means Barden/Thurston/Stavi all gone in a week or two when rehab limits force move on Glaus and Greene.

Ability of Glaus to play left is now a moot point. If he can’t play 3rd, he’s an expensive but hopefully effective PH option. Maybe by the post season he can play 3b and DeRo slides to 2b over skip. Or maybe it sets up an inevitable waive wire deal of Glaus to the AL. Who knows?

I any case, the next week or two will be very interesting to see how the roster shakes out.

Holliday’s OPS from 2006-2008 in games played away from Coors Field was .856. This year his overall OPS is .837. So, he’s playing about the same this year as he has in the past (if you remove the tremendous benefit he derived from playing in Coors).

Last year, Ankiel posted a .843 OPS. Ludwick’s career OPS is .853. If both of those guys are healthy, I would say they are every bit as good as Holliday. The only guys you might leave out is Rasmus (for now), and I would suggest that his defense puts him right up there with the others.

My point is that the Cardinals are really not significantly better after this trade.


And JimR, I’m not sure what you’re talking about…Holliday has constantly had an over .400 OBP for most of his career….I know his stats this year aren’t up to par for what he’s done in the past but 11 home runs with 50 RBI’s at the allstar break is actually a pretty good first half…and look at his split stats…he’s crushing the ball this month:

And he’s also one heck of an athlete if you don’t recall the playoffs two years ago when he single handly got the Rockies to the world series by diving acrossed the plate ripping all the skin off his chin and neck….

This also gives us plenty of depth which is what this team needed….I love watching Ankiel in the field especially and at the plate but if we don’t start winning a ton of games now then were gonna lose are lead in the division..We’ve been under playing all season offensively except for Pujols with Ludwick just starting to come around and Skip doing a good job average/on base wise….as for Wallace…look at his minor league numbers….the dude sucked:

Compare those to the other prospect that people forget to talk about David Freese…I would take Freese over Wallace any day of the week:

Wallace’s defense was supposedly laughable so I picture this as a steal of a deal….with Glaus and Khalil coming back soon the depth of this team is going to be remarkable…now if we can only get a right handed setup man then I’d be happy….

Matt, I think the Holiday move is going to be very interesting. Why? because Holiday has been having a little bit of a down year, but then again, he’s playing in a big time pitchers park. I think back in the NL and in a better park suited for hitters, he’ll do the job and then some. I write a blog for the Angels, I know you must be terribly busy, but I would greatly appreciate if you could take a read at mine and let me know what you think. I would love to see a Cards/Halos World Series
Thank you

I think that in the long run this move is a good one for the Cards and fans. Now you can platoon Rasmus and Ankiel in CF, if TLR still thinks Rick can play up here everyday and rest his shoulder a little more too. We gave up alot in Wallace and Mortensen, but you gotta think that maybe Wallace didn’t have a spot with DeRosa @ 3rd, I think the Cards will try and sign both Holliday and DeRosa(both are Boras guys, I think?) for the next couple of years, this team could be scary just thinking about that. Something gives me the impression that the Cards are not done dealing yet…..
Lets go baby!

Where does this put Lugo? PH only except against LHP? Before this I was thinking they would put Lugo at second since his range isn’t as good, and move Skip back to the outfield and platoon Rick and Colby, but now Holliday is going to prevent that move…

hell ya what a trade. now the cards have room for any situation. possible lineup 2 through 6 could and i mean could be such a power line up. if we could get another pitcher to atleast be the 5th starter were gonns be really good

Let’s not forget that 1.) Holliday switched leagues this season, and that almost always takes time to adjust to (new pitchers, etc.) and 2.) He has been coming on strong as of late. So I’d say you have to take that into account when you look at his numbers for this year. I’m happy to have him in St.Louis. I just wish they had done it in the offseason.

Matt, any insight as to why Ankiel is in tonight’s lineup over Rasmus? I don’t have a problem with it since neither is knocking the cover off the ball…I’m just curious.


I hope the Cardinals rot in hell for this trade. First DeRosa now Holiday. Unfortunately baseball has become a rich mans sport- with the lower rung teams never having a chance when teams can swing deals like this. They have wasted their picks, not that Oakland is going to do anything. Thank god the Red Sox always seem to be there….

You hope the Cardinals rot in hell??? Do us all a favor and hop in your car and drive to Wrigley and hang out with your Cub fans.

As far as this trade goes I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT..I would of preferred to trade Wallace for Roy Halladay but the Blue Jays are looking for top notch pitching which outside of Wainright the Cards just don’t have to offer so unfortunately that deal was dead in the water. The only way I will LOVE this trade though is if we can resign Holliday. I won’t like it if we end up getting Holliday for 2 months and gave away a very talented young player to only get that in return.

If I’m the GM, next year I let Glaus, Ankiel and K. Greene walk, use the money for K. Greene to resing DeRosa and Glaus’s money to start a deal for Holliday. Can’t wait to see how this plays out but I’m very much pleasently surprised as to what our front office has done!

I wonder if we could have traded wallace in the offseason if we could have had Holliday then.

There was another pretty good player or 2 in this deal also Shane Peterson good field good hit lefty lefty was about a 300 hitter. Second round pick 2008 was shooting through the organization.

I live in Memphis, so I got to watch Wallace alot and he wasnt amazing. You did not watch him and say “Dang this guys gunna be an All-Star.” Also, he fielded/threw like a child.

This doesn’t leave any room in the OF for Glaus, so is he on his way to the Al as a DH? Hope we can get a back of the order pitcher for him. Lugo’s bat a big plus so far.

What is Rasmus’ status? He hasn’t played since Jul 21. Guess it will depend on how long Ankiel’s revival lasts.

Unless Rasmus is hurt, I think this is going to be the biggest problem with trading for Holliday, outside if they can’t sign him when they gave up Wallace. When Duncan was on this team Tony could easily play Ankiel in left with Rasmus, now he has a viable left fielder so they have to switch out with each other. And everyone knows Tony loves Ankiel so why he is hott he can say I’m playing the hott hand, which I guess is good and bad for Rasmus.

IF Glaus can prove he can hit, and since he is open to a trade, it will be interesting if the Cards can get any pitching help from a team looking for some power at DH. I hear the Tigers are looking for a DH, here in Chicago there were reports that the Cubs and Tigers were talking for Milton Bradley..Wonder what Glaus could bring us…hmmm

Ok enough is enough with Wellemeyer..It’s time to try ANYTHING Else. He is no longer the “best option” I’m tired of watching him throw batting practice to teams and the worst part is it doesn’t matter what team it is, they all pound him.

The only way these deals work out is if the Cards can resign Holliday. I am confident that DeRosa will enjoy St. Lou and that we can resign him, but after giving up all we did to get Matt – we just really need to do all we can to keep him in town.

It never fails…you fix something and then something else breaks. We got the bats, now we need two starters and half a bull pen. LOL, we already gave away the farm (exception being Rasmus).

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