Monday tidbits: Rasmus, Wellemeyer, Glaus, trade talk

Time to flesh some of this stuff out a little bit more…

* Colby Rasmus is dealing with what the club is calling a bruise on his left heel. He has undergone a second injection in the area to help ease the pain. According to Tony La Russa, he should be available to start on Tuesday, and could play off the bench on Monday night. In his place, Rick Ankiel once again started in center field.

“He’s capable of playing tonight,” La Russa said on Monday afternoon.

* They’ve yet to name a Friday starter, and there’s no guarantee it will be Wellemeyer. In fact, there’s a decent chance that it won’t be. The question is, if not Wellemeyer, then who? And that’s a little harder to figure. Brad Thompson, Blake Hawksworth and Mitchell Boggs would all have to be considered among the candidates.

Beyond that, though, the Cardinals will cut back drastically on the starts for whoever is the No. 5 guy starting next week. They might not need a fifth starter more than twice in August.

“We’ve mapped out August, and because of the off days, that one spot will be disrupted and we’ll try to keep four guys as regular as possible,” La Russa said. “Todd could have pitched a no-hitter yesterday and that would still be true.”

* Troy Glaus is playing again at Double-A Springfield after missing some time due to back soreness. The Cards are quite clearly looking to trade him someplace where there’s a fit for him — that is, a team that needs a first baseman or DH.

“Right now I think it’s going to be something where we look to try to find a place where he’ll get more at-bats and more opportunity,” John Mozeliak said. “Right now, given our club, that would be very hard to do.”

* To follow up more on the earlier tidbit regarding trade possibilities, Mozeliak made it very clear that the only kind of trade they’ll make between now and Friday is one in which they take on no new salary and give up no prospects.

“This is our team,” Mozeliak said. “There are some areas that could get better, but we plan on trying to address those internally. There’s always a chance [for acquiring someone in trade]. But honestly I think when we look right now at our rotation, if we’ve got to try to improve it, we’ve got to do it from within.”

Separate blog entry on Wagner Mateo coming a little later.

Tonight’s playlist:
Oasis, “Hey Now!”
Everclear, “The Twistinside”
The Postal Service, “Clark Gable”
U2, “Bullet the Blue Sky”
Mike Doughty, “Like a Luminous Girl”


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Mitch Boggs was scratched from his start tonight, so it’s a distinct possibility that he’ll take Welly’s spot on Friday.

Other news – Trey Hearne is being promoted to Memphis and will start on Tuesday. Nick Addition is being promoted from Palm Beach to Springfield and will start there on Tuesday night.


Think there’s any way we’re still going to be able to trade Glaus before the deadline? What about for someone such as the A’s Justin Duchscherer. Both are rehabbing back from injury, but Glaus could provide the A’s with the bat they lost from the Holliday trade and the Duch could provide us with either a 5th starter or some relief in the bullpen once he’s finished rehabbing. I assume it would be easier to get relief pitching over starting pitching, and given that Lohse and our 5th starter (either Boggs or if Welly gets his head straight) don’t go past 5 innings, getting extra relief seems to benefit our team.

Instead of having Brad Thompson, Blake Hawksworth or Mitchell Boggs take the number 5 spot in the rotation, we already have enough hitting and a well-balanced lineup, so why not trade for Jarrod Washburn or someone like a Roy Halladay and give up minor leagers like Nicholas Additon, Tyler Greene, Joe Mather, and Kat Maekawa. And if the Washington Nationals are not going to sign stephen Strasburg why not propose a trade for him?

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