Lucky Seven: OK, fine, call it a comeback

In case you’ve forgotten, we used to have a feature here called “Lucky Seven.” It’s back, at the urging of’s own T.R. Sullivan. Some Cardinals questions, some baseball questions, some non-baseball questions.

What I ask of you is pretty simple. 1. As always, be respectful of each other. 2. If one of the questions doesn’t interest you, just ignore it. No need to brag about how you don’t watch TV or listen to music or whatever. Just ignore it. Answer as many or as few as you like.

1. As currently constructed, where will the Cardinals finish in the NL Central? How many wins will they finish with? (Note: they’re currently on pace for 87 wins)

2. If the Cardinals could make one more addition (within reason; they’re obviously not getting Roy Halladay), what would you like to see them do? A setup man? A fifth starter? Bat off the bench?

3. Will Matt Holliday be a Cardinal in 2010? Will Mark DeRosa?

4. What’s the best team in baseball?

5. The “Six is a serious number” commercial: love it? Hate it? Think it’s so bad that it’s good?

6. What’s the best movie you’ve seen so far this summer?

7. What’s the song of the summer so far?



1. 89 wins, barely edging out the competition for first

2. Right-handed setup man

3. No, yes

4. With the addition of Cliff Lee, I’m inclined to say Philly. LA is right there with them, though.

5. I’m more or less in the “so bad it’s good” crowd.

6. The Hangover

7. 3Oh!3 – Don’t Trust Me. Another one of those “so bad it’s good” types. Very catchy.

1. 93
2.a fifth starter named Jarrod Washburn.
3. Holliday if we give the biggest offer. DeRosa yes team probably be the Dodgers because they have hitting and pitching but the cards are up there. bad it’s good. Video link for others

6.transformers 2
7.not sure

1. I think they’ll wind up winning the division with… 94 wins.

2. I guess a strong set-up man would be good… But if the Blake pitches like he did on wednesday, I think we’re good.

3. Matt Holliday will because he has to be. Ownership will overpay for him if they have to–it’d be too embarrassing to have him leave after what we paid for him. DRo? Could go either way. I can see him going back to Chicago.

4. hmmm Depends. I think the Red Sox are probably the best well-rounded team… But I think the cardinals have a chance to be the best team in a short playoff series because of our pitching. We have yet to realize how good this lineup can be (because albert isn’t hitting like albert yet)
5. hate it. shoot me.

6. Harry Potter.

7. Dear Deer (watch the video)

1. 1st place, 92 wins.
2. Back of the rotation starter; someone consistent
3. I doubt Holliday will be, but I hope I’m wrong; DeRosa is a strong possibility
4. Cardinals as long as everyone is playing to potential.
5. Getting really tired of hearing the commercial on Gameday Audio; of course, I’m getting really tired of all the commercials. What do they run, three?
6. Terminator:Salvation, with Star Trek as a close second. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I really do think it was better than just about anything else I’ve seen this summer.

1. 87-88 wins ( I think the Cubs win it in a close one over STL and HOU
2. 5th man and or pen help please, love to see a closer type
3. I think Holliday will stay here, Boras clients seem to really like STL, DeRosa my guess is 50/50
4. Phills and BoSox (hate to say it, Cards just don’t have all the tools yet in place to run the table, pen is really a worry)
5. Kinda funny
6. Transformers 2 followed closely by Star Trek
7. still waiting for something good….

1. I think they will finish with 90 or 91 wins.
2. We will be getting Khalil Greene back soon, that will provide a bat of the bench. If Mitchell Boggs struggles, I would go for the fifth starter. If he suceeds, we need a setup man for Franklin.
3. Matt Holliday will be a Cardinal in 2010, Mark DeRosa, 60/40.
4. 1. Phillies 2. Yankees 3. Dodgers 4. Cardinals 5. Boston Red Sox.
5. Love it. (Shouldn’t this be question #6?)
6. Haven’t seen any,
7. ?

1. Wildcard with 91 wins. I’m afraid the Cubbies stay hot
2. Righty set-up man; Kinney needs to get back to form
3. Holiday & DeRo stay with overpaid contracts, but I like!
4. Philly is stronger than horseradish. Maybe the “damn Yankees” … I hate those guys more than the Cubbies
5. I appreciate the bizzare-ness of it.
6. Star Trek. Honestly, I’m an old school kinda guy – best movie I’ve seen this summer is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on AMC last weekend.
7. Sticking with the oldies … Peter Frampton “Do you Feel Like we do?” from his live album (circa 1976) It doesn’t get any better than that.

1. 2nd.
2. Definitely a 5th starter.
3. Holliday? Yes. DeRosa? No.
4. LA Angels.
5. Annoying, but funny.


1. First place. 90 wins. (Remember the “easy” schedule)
2. I’d like to see them get a 5th starter. I’m not concerned about the set up situation.
3. Holliday: No. DeRosa: No
4. Best team right now is The Phillies
5. Bad and catchy, which makes it a good ad (somehow).
6. The Hangover
7. The Dream Team by Fake Problems

1. 90 wins, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this division’s regular season end in a tie. The presence of three nasty candidates to pitch a decisive playoff game gives the Cardinals good chances of winning that game.
2. Addition by subtraction. Any trade that sends Thurston and Wellemeyer far, far away, so that TLR isn’t tempted to use them in high-leverage situations, benefits the team more than trading “for” a fifth starter, RHP in bullpen, etc., do.
3. Holliday: no. DeRosa: yes.
4. Dodgers, probably (which makes this week kinda satisfying…), but it’s an odd year. There is no “great” team out there right now.
5-7. No opinion.

Incidentally, am I missing something about how to embed paragraph breaks in this comment field? I can’t figure out why answers 2-5 are running together here.

1. First Place. 93 wins.
2. Definitely a fifth starter.
3. Holliday – maybe. Derosa – Yes.
4. The Phillies. Especially with them getting Lee.
6. The Hangover. Hilarious!!
7. No Opinion

1. 94 Wins 1st Place
2. Zach Duke (The Pirates are having a fire sale)
3.Yes on both because if we dont these trades would have been terible trades regardless of what happens this year.

4. The yankees. commercial ever.
7. Six is a serious number.

1. Division Champs, 91 wins.

2. RH set up man, maybe even a free agent

3. Yes to both, unless DeRosa’s wrist surgery eats into next season.

4. Phillies, barely

5. Hate it.

6. Have only seen one. The Proposal. Pretty dang funny.

7. “My Last Amen” by Downhere

1. The Cardinals will finish 1st with 85-95 wins
2. I’d Like to see them get Zach Duke or Chad Qualls
3. The Cards will resign Mark DeRosa. He doesn’t cost alot of money. Matt Holliday will cost too much money because Scott Boras is his agent. If we pay him, we won’t have enough to pay Albert.
4. The Cards have the best lineup: Phillies have the best rotation.
5. I never go to Mobil.
6. Beerfest
7. “Summer Nights” Rascal Flatts

Cool. I liked the L7, and I’m glad it’s back.

1. 1st, with 85-90 wins
2. 5th starter. Welly is not getting the job done.
3. Holliday no, DeRosa yes
4. Non-Cardinal bias, the Phillies. They’ve got a lot of talent.
5. I don’t live in STL, but I saw it on YouTube, and thought it was kinda stupid.
6. Haven’t seen any summer movies, and I don’t know if I could pick one.
7. I don’t really know. I don’t like many “new” songs being played on the radio. If I had to pick one summer favorite for me, it would be Ryan Ludwick’s at-bat song, Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys.

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