Thursday tidbits: Ludwick, Molina, rotation

* Ryan Ludwick is not in the starting lineup tonight, but it’s just a scheduled night off, no big deal.

TLR on the decision: “He’s played a lot, and I wanted to get Ankiel in there and I wanted to get Rasmus in there. it’s not going to hurt him to take a day. he’d definitely like to play.”

* Yadier Molina, however, IS in there even after catching 15 innings last night. The skipper said he checked with Molina last night and again this afternoon, and he was good to go. It seems very likely he’ll have the next three games, with the rookie and then Carpenter and Wainwright, so I’m a bit surprised by the decision not to give him a rest tonight.

* TLR is not committing to a rotation for the coming days, but it seems to shake down pretty cleanly: Boggs Friday, Carpenter and Wainwright over the weekend. Pineiro and Lohse in New York, followed by Carpenter, Wainwright and Pineiro in Pittsburgh. After tomorrow, they’d next need a fifth starter on Aug. 11 against Cincinnati at home.

* Following last night’s lengthy game, the Cardinals did change up their routine a bit. Players were told that they could arrive an hour later, and there was no batting practice on the field.

Today’s playlist:
Duran Duran, “Careless Memories”
Blur, “There’s No Other Way”
Chromeo, “Needy Girl”
Electronic, “Reality”
Garbage, “Silence Is Golden”


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