Sunday tidbits: Bullpen, Ludwick, Pujols, Ryan

Hello, all…

Most of the coverage today will be in the hands of the capable BJ Rains, who actually did the legwork in the clubhouse this morning. I’m working on some various other stuff for the coming week, including an Inbox and an off day story or two. Also, I’ll be on vacation starting tomorrow and running through all of next week, then back on duty on Aug. 9 — and ready for a full-on sprint to the finish.

Here are today’s tidbits, again with a major hat-tip to young Mr. Rains.

* Ideally, the Cardinals would love not to have to use Ryan Franklin today. He pitched three in a row then had one off, and the preference is to rest him two days after he pitches three straight. But chances are, if it came down to it, he’d pitch in a tight game with a chance to close out a win.

TLR on the situation: “It would be great for McClellan not to have to pitch, but we will try to win the game. Motte is ready to go. Franklin has had one day off after pitching in three straight. It is what it is. Hawksworth is ready. Thompson probably shouldn’t pitch. Wellemeyer can pitch. We’re playing for today. But we have Waino and we will make sure he gets the benefit of the doubt without hurting him. The best thing to do would be to score a lot of runs.”

* Ryan Ludwick sits again today, while Pujols plays again. I had some hunch that Pujols might get a day today, but maybe he’ll rest one day on the road trip.

The mgr on that topic: “This gives Colby two in a row and Ankiel plays two out of three, and Ludwick has been in there all of the time. It’s not going to hurt him to get two [days off this week]. I think of it the opposite. I look at who’s playing, not who’s sitting. You guys look at who’s not playing. Ludwick is ready to play, but it’s good for him not to.”

* Brendan Ryan continues to improve. Despite Ryan’s prior optimism, though, he’s not available today — apparently not even to come off the bench.

Today’s playlist:
Iglu & Hartly, “In This City”
Kasabian, “L.S.F.”
MGMT, “Kids”
Chairlift, “Bruises”
Passion Pit, “The Reeling”



Hey Dude. Thanks for the update prior to taking some time off. It is appreciated. One question, though. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it seems like you’ve had more vacation time than work time this season. Can you please tell me who to contact to apply for a job like yours? Obviously we don’t know when exactly you get vacation time, but it sure seems like you get a lot. Again, please don’t take offense. If I could do that at my job, I certainly would. Do they keep you employed all through winter as well, and do they pay you the same all year long, like a teacher? I’m just curious, cause I’d like to have a job where I get more than 10 vacation days a year and 5 sick days. That’d be SWEET!

First, I disagree with TLR. Wellemeyer CAN NOT pitch, at least not at the moment. I think that they need to send him down to AAA where hopefully he can get back what he had last year. He has just been completely ineffective in almost all of his outing’s this year and I think he is better than what he is showing.

Second, I REALLY wish Pujols had NOT participated in that Home Run Derby at the All Star break. He has not been the same since and I’m one of those who believes that kind of activity can screw up your swing, your timing, and your genereal approach at the plate. I sure hope that he gets it bck soon because they will be AWFULLY tough to beat with either Carpenter, Wainwright, Piniero, or Lohse on the mound. The fifth day will be a toss up.

The Cards are 6-4 since the advent of Holliday/Lugo and w/o much help from Pujols. I keep dreaming of what things will be like once Pujols is back on track. They say Welly needs pitching time to work on his mechanics, etc. Got no problem with that, just send him somewhere in the minors where he can get the time. The Cards bullpen is NOT the place for that kind of therapy. He is occupying a roster spot that could be used to help the team. Saw the other day where Chris Duncan has gone 4 for 28 at Pawtucket.

I agree frankx5,
The big club is no place to work on your “stuff” but with Welle thats a rare defining term. His velocity is down, not sharp w/ the breaking ball and can’t locate the change of pace. But to me it’s not like this is a one time deal, it’s been going on the entire season w/ him. Let’ s hope Pujols can figure it out on the road trip, facing another top pitcher tomorrow in Santana, a lefty still has a good shot v. the Cardinals lineup. would be nice to see Joel P have another shutout v the injury riddled Mets, still gotta wonder with the pitching performances that the Cards have been throwing if the pressure is getting to some of these hitters to produce(especailly Pujols, seeing as he told everyone what he wants, they got it and now he is not producing!) DeRosa is in a horrible slide too, batting well below the Mendoza last 5 games

I kind of had the same thought about it seeming like we’re on vacation a lot around here. It isn’t any of our business, of course, other than I would say that it makes it hard for me to get into the blog and remember that it’s here. I follow Bernie and Goold and Strauss more easily because they don’t seem to take many days off.

Anywho, I think the team needs to DL Wellemeyer (maybe he has social anxiety order, too, since it seems to be the malady du jour around MLB) and then send him down for a rehab assignment. That way they don’t have to worry about getting him through waivers–though I wouldn’t care if someone took him.

Sure hope Albert starts hitting again soon. This lineup will be a pure pleasure to watch when that happens.

I’m in with the others on the whole vacation thing. I love the birds, and living in Michigan, this is one of my favorite spots to feed my Cardinals appetite. Sure seems like info is very sporadic. Not much info since the All Star break. Love your news, Matt. Maybe that’s why we miss it so much when you get away.

Great time to be a Cardinal fan. Loved the comeback over the Mets and Santana, K-Rod and company last night. This lineup has me staying in the game to the last out – a month ago that was not always the case. Sure miss sleep though. East coast time is a downer when you love the Birds!

Oops. My bad. Got lots of sleep after two innings today. What is it with this club? Seems like every emotional win is followed by a numb from the neck up loss? I really expected yesterday’s win to be a starting point to make a run. As my good friend would tell me “expectation is a sure road to disappointment.” Come on, Birds! Fire up and kick some booty!

off topic, would we possibly be in play for Justin Duscherer next year… nice #4/#5 starter who was on the DL this year. He was the ace of Oakland… thoughts?

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