Thursday tidbits: rotation, C.Duncan, 10,000 wins or not

Matthew Leach

Oddly, it’s an overcast night in San Diego,but still very mild and pleasant.

* Following Monday’s off day, the Cardinals have an opportunity to shake up their rotation a bit, but they’re not likely to get too cute. On Tuesday it will be Adam Wainwright against Houston, with Joel Pineiro getting the Wednesday assignment. The question is Thursday.

Chris Carpenter could start that game, or he could be pushed back to Friday against Washington. Essentially, if Carpenter doesn’t get pushed too hard tomorrow against the Padres, he’ll likely pitch on his fifth day against Houston. If he has to work very hard and could use the extra day, he’ll get it. Kyle Lohse will get the other of those two games, and John Smoltz’s next start after Sunday will be six days later, on Saturday the 29th.

* Talking to a couple of different people, it sounds unlikely that Chris Duncan will return to the Cardinals after his release from Triple-A Pawtucket in the Red Sox organization on Thursday.

“That’s his call,” TLR said. “It’s not ours. My guess is he’s not real pleased with us.”

According to one former teammate, it’s unlikely that Duncan would return as long as the current coaching staff is intact. Not that he had a problem with them — quite the contrary. But it’s no secret that there was a lot of baggage for Chris, playing for not only his dad but a manager who had known him since he was a kid.

Personally, I wish Chris well. Whatever else may be said, I like him personally and he was a very well-regarded teammate. I hope he lands on his feet somewhere.

* The Cardinals issued a statement today regarding the franchise’s all-time wins total. It’s the team’s position that they’re at 9,218 entering tonight, not 9,999. The club only recognizes the wins it recorded as a member of the National League.

* Some members of the team visited the Navy SEALs training facility near San Diego today.

No playlist, this is already too late getting posted.


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