Saturday tidbits: Lohse, Boggs, Hawksworth, Wellemeyer, Ryan

* Kyle Lohse was placed on the 15-day disabled list today, and Mitchell Boggs was called up. Boggs is available to pitch in relief as soon as he is needed.

The Cardinals are still not committing to a starter for Lohse’s spot in the rotation, but signs point to Boggs. They remain hesitant to take Blake Hawksworth out of the bullpen.

* Todd Wellemeyer is coming along OK but has not begun throwing off a mound. FSN’s Jim Hayes reports that Wellemeyer will throw off a mound for the first time on Tuesday. TLR said he expects that Wellemeyer will need to go throw somewhere in the Minors before rejoining the big league pitching staff.

* The skipper also expounded a little more on last night’s baserunning hijinks at second. He said the sign from the dugout was “must run” — not exactly a steal, but both runners run as soon as the ball is headed to home plate. There are, he said, all sorts of shades of run signs, including “want you to run,” where the runner has the discretion if it doesn’t look smart, and a green light, where the runner is free to run. But this was “must run” — no discretion involved, except to make sure the pitcher is going to the plate.

Thus, in his mind, there was no doubt that it was Ryan’s mistake.

Tonight’s playlist:
Weezer, “The Good Life”
Jane’s Addiction, “Mountain Song”
Soundgarden, “Pretty Noose”
The Ting Tings, “That’s Not My Name”
Pinback, “Fortress”



I feel you need Hawksworth in the bullpen, personally. Keep him in that long relief role, where he’s thriving. Boggs will be decent enough and Jamie’s looking very good in rehab, so for the future’s sake I think it’s wise to keep him in that bullpen mentality.

Nice song selection. Pretty Noose is one of my favorite grunge-era songs, love playing it on the drums. I have an in-joke regarding That’s Not My Name, with Al’s pronounciation of “Coby” Rasmus and the Ting Tings-esque song that Colby’s comes out to. “They call me Coby, that’s not my name.” Makes the lady giggle.

That’s essentially TLR’s view. That the bullpen need is more pressing than the starter need.


I never liked Smoltz. I like him now because he’s a Cardinal, but he may be finished. I loved it when we picked up Will Clark, and Larry Walker; and I spent years hating those guys because they always beat us. Once they became Cardinals, I could find nothing wrong with them. They were stalwarts, wonderful additions to the Cardinals. I still have a newspaper photo of Clark after hitting an important home run, bellowing with testosterone at his achievement. We now have Lohse, who is constantly injured, and Wellemeyer/ Smoltz/Boggs as a fifth starter. We have Carp, and Waino, and Joel to depend upon, but No one else. This bodes poorly for the Cardinal “bullpen” which means, Franklin, McClellan, Williams, and so far.. Hawksworth. The rest are bums. I think we can win a series with Carp, Waino, and Pinero, but the division?? If they all win, that’s .600 which is good enough. It seems that 21-yr-old rookies keep coming out of the woodwork and beating us. Hrabosky mentioned that Blake was 3-30, who peomtly hit a homer. These are the guys that beat us. I do not fear Lilly, nor Marquis, nor L. Hernandez, nor Haren. We regularly beat these guys. Same way with big hitters: it is the .200 guys with five homers or less who beat us. And oh yeah, lefthanders. We should be pounding these guys, but we’re not. I know it’s against Tony’s religion, but we should play a set lineup. It makes no sense to sit Ryan Ludwick, or anybody except Lugo at second and DeRosa at third. “Shoe” is your regular left-fielder, and Ankiel and Rasmus can fill in wherever they’re needed. Personally, I choose Ankiel because he is a fabulous athlete and knows how to play center. Remember when Edmonds was here? NOBODY else played center. Cardinals will win the Division, but I hope they play the Dodgers and not the Rockies, who seem to have our number. If we get past them, I know we will beat Philadelphia for the pennant. I’m predicting another World series for the Cardinals, and I believe we can beat the Sox or the Yankees. 1985 and 1987 owes us a couple…… Go Cardinals!

All else equal, the reasoning about Hawksworth looks sound, but it’s predicated on the idea that Smoltz will be at least marginally effective. There is no assurance that he will, although we’ll have a better idea about that in a few hours. I hope TLR is not so resistant to change as to keep Hawk in the pen if Smoltz can’t get guys out. (Of course, what I really hope is that Smoltz CAN start effectively, so that the whole conversation becomes moot.)

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