Sunday tidbits: Carpenter, lineup

It’s the last day of a long trip, and a spectacularly beautiful day in San Diego. One last plug before we go home: If you’re one of those fans who goes on a road trip or two each year, this is a trip not to miss. Make a week of it, come out to San Diego and L.A., see these two ballparks, eat some good food, get some good weather. It’s consistently the best trip of the year.

Which is not to say that I won’t be delighted to come home tomorrow.

* TLR confirmed that Chris Carpenter is the scheduled starter for Thursday’s game against Houston. He’ll stay on turn, rather than getting the extra day that Monday’s off day might have afforded. That will put John Smoltz on Friday against Washington and TBA — likely Mitchell Boggs — on Saturday.

* There was some notion among fans and in the press box that today might be a good “shock troops” day. With a day off tomorrow, a winning road trip and a split series already in the bag, and some guys having taken on heavy workloads, it seemed to make sense to give some guys — especially Pujols — a day off.

TLR was having none of it.

“I thought about it, but I don’t think that’s the best lineup for this situation,” he said. “We’ve got days off. It’s been cool. It’s not the kind of time when you’ve got guys that are tired. Guys are excited.

“We’ve got a chance, with a day off tomorrow, to have a hell of a road trip. You’ve got a day when balls are going to carry. I want Ludwick to play. I want Holliday to play. I want Albert to play.”

Today’s playlist is a Sunday-morning, moving-a-little-slowly-after-a-night-game kind of thing:
My Morning Jacket, “Off the Record”
Eagle-Eye Cherry, “Save Tonight”
R.E.M., “Radio Free Europe”
Incubus, “Drive”
Van Morrison, “These Dreams of You”


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Could not agree w/you more about San Diego. Have seen a large portion of the world in my career w/military, San Diego probably my favorite town in that world. Nice to see the investment in the Cards paying off, tho my nails will take a month to grow back after today’s 9th inning.

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