Friday tidbits: Lohse, Wellemeyer, Franklin, weather

Matthew Leach

Greetings from an overcast night at Busch Stadium.

* Kyle Lohse came through his bullpen session yesterday in very good shape, and he’s getting quite close to pitching in a game. It appears that early next week, he’ll go to Memphis, and after that he’ll rejoin the Cardinals rotation.

“Lohse is feeling really good,” TLR said. “He had an outstanding bullpen yesterday and I think he’s probably ready to pitch very soon.”

* Todd Wellemeyer threw a bullpen session today and is also progressing well. He likewise could go on a rehabilitation assignment in the coming days, but he’s probably a little further from a return to active duty than Lohse is.

TLR: “I think everything is on time for him, so I think he can go out pretty soon as well. … Kyle’s out 15 days. He can’t come back any sooner than that, unfortunately. In Todd’s case, it really is when he’s ready.

* In case you haven’t seen or heard it somewhere already, Ryan Franklin confirmed today that he’s very close to a contract extension. Check the story here.

* We got some rain downtown earlier today, and the skies are still threatening. But the forecast doesn’t look bad at all.

Tonight’s playlist:
Owl City, “Fireflies”
Modest Mouse, “Autumn Beds”
White Rabbits, “Percussion Gun”
Phoenix, “Lasso”
Metric, “Sick Muse”


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If I were managing the Cards, the Nats would not have the worst record in the NL, but…. It really strains the imagination when Ankiel does a PH for Lugo, giving up about 40 points in BA and Lugo also having a better BA against the pitcher at the time. Other than the stadium air needing fanning, I don’t know. Giving up the huge advantage in Lugo will not compensate for the occasional HR from Ank. Ank is ok to sit on the bench but needs to be seldom used before he is let go in the off season.

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