Lucky Seven, Footballmas edition

Trying to get Lucky Seven back into regular rotation. Slowly, surely building.

1. Who will finish with the best record in the National League?

2. How SHOULD John Smoltz be used in the postseason? How WILL he be used?

3. What one player not currently on the roster do you most hope gets a callup?

4. Which Cardinals will win major postseason awards? (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie, Manager)

5. Who wins the college football national title this year?

6. Who will win the men’s US Open? Women?

7. What’s your favorite seasonal coffee beverage? Mrs. Dude is big on the Pumpkin Spice, which debuted this week and is why I ask. I love the Peppermint Mocha. If you have a favorite that doesn’t come from the Empire, that’s great, would love to hear it.



1. St. Louis.
2. Should be and will be a reliever.
3. Shane Robinson.
4. MVP for Pujols.
5. Not sure.
6. Not sure.
7. Don’t much care for coffee.

That was quick.

1. St. Louis Cardinals
2. Smoltz should be a long reliever/emergency closer in the playoffs. I have a feeling, LaRussa is going to “want his experience in the rotation.”
3. Jaime Garcia
4. Pujols — MVP, Wainwright — Cy Young, Molina, Ryan(!) — Gold Glove
5. If I say Texas, that’s actually going out on a limb, right?
6. Federer, Serena
7. I like my coffee black, usually. But if I get a flavor, I like amaretto.

1. St. Louis Cardinals
2. Reliever in LDS, both reliever and 4th starter in later series. I think this is actually the proper usage for him, given that Lohse is struggling.
3. Allen Craig or Royce Ring.
4. Big year. Pujols for MVP, TLR for Manager, Moz for Exec. Wain finishes second in Cy voting behind Lincecum, though this could change based on the results the rest of the season – it’s really close. I won’t even try to predict the Gold Gloves because they’re ridiculous.
5. I’ll say Texas because I hate Florida.
6. Roddick, Serena
7. Peppermint Mocha is awesome.

1 lay up. Cardinals
2 Relief and maybe a start here or there.
3 royce ring. been in the big leagues. he can help out dr and tm. great year in memphis.
4 pujols wainwright
5 ?
6 roddick serena
7 dont remind me of the holiday season yet. peppermint

1. Cardinals. Phillies will finish a close second. The Cards’ rotation is much greater than the Phillies’, but the Phillies’ line-up is better than what the Cards are throwing out there. The question is, what’s the bigger drop-off? I feel the Cards’ line-up is closer to the Phillies’ than their rotation is to ours.

2. That depends on his and Lohse’s next few starts. Smoltz has shown me through all three starts that he has what it takes (remove that one bad pitch to a hot hitter today and he looks pretty fantastic). If Lohse can pick up where he left off in April, it won’t be a contest where either man should be or where they will be. If Lohse cannot get it together, I think you have to give the incredibly successful October-Smoltz the nod.

3. Allen Craig. It’s simple: you produce, you get rewarded. Garcia’d be a welcome addition too.

4. Pujols with MVP. Lincecum will rightfully get the Cy Young–dude’s Ks are freakish. Pulling for one of our boys to net it, particularly Wainwright. Having met him many times, the guy is always a class act, so I pull for him. Gold Glove for Yadi, Ryan’s lack of playing time, history at the position over the course of a full season and lack of hitting 20 home runs will ruin his deserved consideration. Give it two years and he’ll be in contention yearly once he builds a reputation for himself.

5. I know zip of college sports, but I’ll throw out USC since they churn out so many stellar players and compete yearly.

6. I’ll go with Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova. Boring picks, but they’re decent bets.

7. Hate coffee. Lady’s huge on it, so the smell lingers in the apartment in the AM and PM. I’ll take a warm apple cider instead.

Guess I’ll predict Greinke for AL Cy and Joe Mauer for AL MVP. Gonna be a sad day if Mauer leaves the Twins. Rookies will be Sandoval and Beckham, simply because it seems position players win out over pitchers. Bailey’s made a good case, though, as has Romero. In the NL, McGehee and Hanson have put up great numbers but Sandoval has been a dream come true for that poor line-up.

I don’t mean to be rude and correct, but Pablo Sandoval is not a rookie this season. Last season was his rookie year since he had more than 130 at-bats.

It’s nice to have these back.

1. Los Angeles, because they’ll have to. With Colorado and maybe San Fran lurking, they won’t be able to let up and rest regulars. Cardinals are second choice because of the weaker schedule, but either, or Philly, could wind up with the best record.

2. Unknown until we see how much Lohse has when he comes off the DL. I predict Smoltz as the fourth starter but am not confident of the prediction.

3. Allen Craig. It’s long past time to see what he can do against major-league pitching.

4. Pujols, TLR. Waino and Carp will split CY votes to the point that Lincecum (an entirely deserving candidate) gets the award.

5. Oh … that activity people waste time with between the World Series and spring training. Florida, I guess.

6. Federer, Serena Williams. A-Rod will play the match of his life versus Federer … and still lose.

7. Not a coffee drinker, so no opinion.

1. St. Louis
2. Should be a reliever in post season, and will be.
3. Allen Craig
4. Carpenter-Cy Young and comeback player. Pujols MVP
5. Don’t Care
6. Don’t Care
7. Yuck!

1. Phillies: Cards a VERY close second with Dodgers barely holding on to the West.
Will probably start because Loshe wont be back to his best by post season and Welly’s not an option.
3. Ring and Green
4. Rasmas has a good look for Rookie but will probably fall to McGhee, Carp or Waino as Cy Young (its going to be close)… Albert just falls short to Prince Fielder for MVP
5. Probably Florida, although I’d pull for anyone else in a heartbeat if I thought they had a chance.
6. R Nadal and S Williams
7. Not a coffee drinker but had Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale that just came out last week and its a very tasty beverage

1. Cards because of pitching but it will be close.

2. In relief in the playoffs, maybe as a starter in WS.

3. Allen Craig. Have been wanting him to get a look at the Bigs for a couple of years now.

4. All of these will be close and they will need good Septembers to pull it off, but pull for Cards to sweep (Albert, Rasmus, Wainwright (sorry Carp you can have comeback award) and TLR).

5. Am a BASEBALL fan, take the winters off, ignore other sports.

6. Getting harder to tell the men from the women. Bobby Riggs might not want a match with some of the Amazons out there now.

7. REAL MEN didn’t drink flavored coffees in my day!

Oh strange, wasn’t aware he made the cut-off last year. McGehee it is, then.

1. Dodgers
2. No clue. If I was manager, in relief. Would use as 4th starter if it’s a team he has better success against than Lohse.
3. If he’s healthy enough, I’d like to see what Freese can do with a look to next year as the 3rd baseman.
4. Molina – gold glove. Pujols’ second half has been too sluggish. Lincecum will probably repeat the Cy.
5. This is a really long shot, but I’ll say Florida State. They’ll be motivated to win one more for Bowden.
6. Don’t follow tennis, so ?
7. Straight coffee drinker. LOVE the Starbucks Christmas Blend.

That actually got a chuckle out of me, Cardsfan. Not to be disrespectful, but Pujols’ “sluggish” second half has been just as good as anybody else in the league. Hanley Ramirez is in the midst of a huge slump with RISP to the point that teammates are screaming at him, Mark Reynolds plays on one of the worst teams in the league, Utley’s numbers are not as impressive as Albert’s… Just wondering who you think will be the MVP since I really can’t think of anyone as impressive as Albert?

Not saying he won’t win, but he has slowed down a bit, and their second half surge has had as much to do with the acquisition of Holliday as anything. I transplanted to Milwaukee a few years ago, and I’ve had opportunity to watch the guys here closely. I’ve watched Fielder develop into quite the force this year, particularly the past few months. Granted they have faded pretty much, but that doesn’t necessarily disqualify him (e.g. past winners Pujols, Howard, Dawson, etc.). I do hope Pujols gets it, though.

1. St. Louis
2.STARTER, Of course!!!!Guys got more wins in post season than anyone on the planet.
4. El Hombre MVP, Carp Cy young, Rasmus ROTY, The manager of the Washington Nationals, That guy has a soft heart for unfortunate teams.
5.? too many bowls
6.Tennis we dont need no stinking tennis.
7.Beer TID. Breakfast Lunch and DINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNer %&*!
Tell Boggs to keep the beard I think He pitches better with it.

1. Cardinals should.

2. 4th starter. Reliever.

3. Freese

4. Pujols will take mvp for sure… I think if Carpenter wins his next 3 starts and keeps his ERA low, he’ll win the cy-young. Tony won’t win. Too much talent.

5. I don’t know anything about football… how about… USC? They seem to win a lot

6. ????

7. The Pumpkin spice is delicious!🙂 But the peppermint mocha is great at christmas time!🙂 …. I think… There’s nothing quite as good, however, as a nice hot apple cider on a cold fall evening🙂

1. StL Cardinals (easier schedule from here on out)
2. He is my #3.5 starter (meaning if Piniero’s sinker isn’t working, Smoltz gets the ball)
3. I want a basestealer, so give me a young guy to drop in as a late inning pinch runner – adds new element to the club
4. I love this question – I think that the Cards could get a clean sweep of MVP, Cy Young, Fireman, Manager, Executive and maybe…Rookie). Rookie is the biggest longshot. Could this be the perfect season???
5. Texas gets my vote, they seem to just grow players there now.
6. Sorry, not on my radar (even though it is past)
7. Give me a hot-chocolate from an ice rink and I am a happy guy.


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