Thursday tidbits: Wellemeyer, Thompson, callups

Not a lot of tidbits today as the club prepares to head out on a weeklong road trip.

* Todd Wellemeyer was activated from the disabled list, bringing the active roster up to 27 players. Kyle Lohse should be activated on Sunday, the first day he is eligible. Story from B.J. Rains is live on the site at this link.

* Brad Thompson’s suspension has been reduced to two games, and he began serving it on Thursday. That still isn’t sitting very well with him or the club, but that’s what they’ve got.

* TLR said today that he does not expect any more callups until Memphis’ season is over. There had been some thought that a third catcher or a LH reliever might come up before the Triple-A team finishes up, but it sounds as though that won’t be the case.

Today’s playlist:
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, “Around the Bend”
Teddybears, “Cobrastyle”
Garbage, “When I Grow Up”
Crystal Method, “Dirty Thirty”
Bad Lieutenant, “Sink Or Swim”


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