Lucky Seven, Here-Come-the-Cubs Edition

1. The earliest that the Cardinals can possibly clinch the division is Monday, Sept. 21, in Houston. The magic number is 8. On what day will they actually clinch?

2. Cy Young: Lincecum, Wainwright, Carpenter, other… Who ya got?

3. What is your biggest worry regarding the Cardinals as October approaches?

4. What National League team would provide the toughest test for the Cardinals in a playoff series?

5. What new or returning TV series are you most excited about? (The Office returns tonight! Woo!)

6. Fall starts this week. What’s the best thing about fall?

7. What’s the best novel you’ve read recently?



1. September 24

2. Cy Young: Lincecum. He’s the media darling.

3. late inning relief; again

4. Phillies and Rockies, both.
5. Bones, House, NCIS.

6. Cooler weather. Oh; and my birthday(another year closer to 60. Yay!)

7. It’s been a while since I last read a novel.

1. Sat Sept 26
2. Lincecum
3. offensive production
4. Philly
5. Community
6. the weather in StL
7. V. by Thomas Pynchon

1. tuesday sept 22
2. waino
3. offense
4. phils/giants
5. bored to death
6. cool weather and changing of colors
7. The Ghost Pirates

1. Sept. 26.
2. My head says Timmy. My heart says Waino.
3. Hitting
4. Wild Card (the hot team)
5. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
7. Everyday Drinking by Kingsley Amis (not a novel, but a series of essays)

1. Sept. 24th.

2. Lincecum. Not even close with the two rocked outings by our guys.

3. Line-up is dead at the moment. Can we find a pulse? But I will say this: a team with worries heading into October has a decent chance to make it to the big dance at the end. Somehow the perfect teams get toppled.

4. Phillies. Lee/Happ/Hamels cannot match our three, but their line-up is better.

5. I only watch True Blood, actually, and that just wound down.

6. Weather, baseball. Best, though? My birthday on the 27th. Hitting the quarter-century mark and I’m balding already. Time for a crisis!

7. Enjoying “I Drink for a Reason” by David Cross at the moment.

1. Sept 23
2. I’d love to see Waino win it, but Lincecum has it. Cards’ pitchers are getting no respect
3. This recent losing skid has me a bit worried… the offense, bullpen and Franklin are starting to look like their late 2008 selves.
4. Phillies. They’ve got a bunch of talent, plus they beat the crap out of us frequently. Maybe it would be different now that we have guys like Holliday, Lugo and Smoltz, but it will still be tough.
5. I still like to watch House.
6. College football and the NFL. GO BLUE and GO RAMS!
7. I’m reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey right now as well as “Your 15th Club” by Bob Rotella.

1. Wednesday, September 23, in Houston
2. Wainwright
3. Manufacturing runs against good pitching
4. San Francisco Giants in a short series
5. The Amazing Race
6. Mild daytime weather and cold nights – although we’ve had that all summer around here (NE Iowa)
7. Map of Bones was pretty good

1. September 23
2. gotta be Wainwright, Carpenter, Lincecum in order
3. The Cards seemed to breeze through all these easy teams in August and September, but now that theyre getting into even the Atlantas and Floridas and getting shut down, what are they going to do against LA or Philly in October?
4. The Rox are out to beat everyone and their mother
5. The Office or MythBusters!
6. Cider Donuts from Tanners Orchard in Speer, IL (anyone out there ever had them or been there?)
7. Not really a novel but Bill Bryson’s The Lost Continent, hilarious

1. September 25.
2. My ballot would read 1. Lincecum, 2. WW, 3. Carp, and that is what I expect the actual voting to be. However, it is VERY close. Waino reaching 20 wins with a pair of shutouts, and/or a Lincecum meltdown down the stretch, could easily reverse the order … which, of course, is what I’m hoping for.
3. Honestly? I’m mainly worried about GETTING to October. Visions of the 2006 and 2007 late collapses are dancing in my head like a pair of drunken hippopotami on roller skates. October worries can wait until the magic number is zero.
4. Phillies. Lot of offense on that team.
5. No opinion.
6. End of the rainy season where I live (mountains of New Mexico) leading to marvelously clear, crisp days for hiking.
7. No opinion.

1. September 24th or 25th
2. Carpenter. He is just as strong as some of the other Cy Young contenders, while still missing five weeks. For four starts he had an ERA under 1.00. He has only had two starts that could be classified as bad. His only problem as I see it is that he will not have as many IP as Wainwright and Lincecum and K’s as Lincy.
3. Nothing. Just let Motte close and don’t start Ankiel to often.
4. I don’t know. I will have to see how the New and Improved Cardinals against the Rockies before saying Rockies. If we kill them, the Phillies will be our biggest challange in the playoffs.
5. Being eleven years old, Fetch.
6. sshotick: Not had them but been there. My opinion? The baseball playoffs.
7. No opinion

1. September 25th

2. Wainwright

3. Keeping Holliday from swinging at sliders out of the zone and high heat.

4. Philly

5. Mentalist until Chuck comes back after the new year.

6. Cool weather and the clothes that go with it.

7. I’ve not.

1. September 27th
2. If Adam gets to 20 wins, then he gets it. If not, Lincecum will win it.
3. Will the cards ever be able to hit left handed pitching??? Not to mention beat good teams as they are getting P’owned right now.
4. Phillies. They have the left handed pitching we can’t hit, and their offense is fierce
5. House
6. October baseball
7. Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

1. Sept 24th
2. Lincecum will get it, but either of the 3 deserve it.
3. Well it started off to be the closing role again, but now my worries are getting people hitting. If that doesn’t happen we won’t even need to use a closer because we won’t be winning.
4. Dodgers/Phillies
5. True Blood / Chuck
6. Football of any kind.
7. Haven’t

Oh and Stan the Man Fan… 2006 is when we won the WS. maybe 2007 and 2008?

1. Sept 26.
2. Lincecum. The media gave it to him at the All Star Break. He could break a leg and still get it.
3. First, bullpen. Second, winning against lefties.
4. Phils
5. Don’t watch TV except for MLBTV.
6. Enjoying being outdoors… it’s muggy all summer here in FLa.

7. Novel: ‘Every Man Dies Alone’… also not a novel but ‘The Third Reich at War’ was excellent.

1. Wednesday 9/23
2. Waino if he gets 20 wins (and he will) otherwise Lincecum
3. hitting against lefties… we just dont know how to hit southpaws.
4. Phillies. We rocked the dodgers and fair pretty well against COL and SF of recent.
5. Monday night football
6. the variety of sports available to watch. Football, baseball and hockey all going on at the same time… its a good time to be in the STL
7. The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell

Nope, shifter, I meant 2006, as I wrote. People forget how close the September swoon that year came to bringing the season to an unimaginably early end. Of course, it didn’t, so all’s well that ends well, but the current struggles remind me of that year much more than I wish they would … and all it would have taken that year was two games turning out differently, and the story wouldn’t have had a happy ending.
To be sure, I don’t really think that’s going to happen this time. The lead is bigger, the team is sounder, and Chicago is unlikely to do what Houston did then. But I still worry.

1. September 23rd.
2. Even though I think Carpenter has been the best pitcher in the league this year, I can’t help but believe that Lincecum will be given the award, even if San Francisco does not go to playoffs. Wainwright will probably come in second.
3. My biggest worry? Well, that would be that they don’t win. But more specifically, hitting. Can’t win without runs, even if Carpenter, Wainwright and Pineiro threw shutouts.
4. I believe the Cardinals can take the Dodgers or Rockies, so I suppose the Phillies
5. Not sure.
6. It will be cool again.
7. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a novel.

1. September 25th @ Colorado
2. Wainwright if he gets to 20 wins. Lincecum otherwise
3. Definitely getting the bats going again.
4. Since the Cardinals can’t hit lefties very well I’ve got to say the Phillies.
5. HOUSE and Heroes
6. College Football
7. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

1. Sept. 23, in Houston

2. Waino

3. Not scoring enough runs

4. Phillies


6. Cooler temps. Otherwse, I hate Fall most of any season

7.Deafening / by Frances Itani

1. Sept. 22nd
2. Wainwright
3. Closer and bullpen
4. Phillies
5. Bones, Office, Fringe, Lost
6. HOG Football baby!! The Petrinnos have Ryan Mallet poised for a breakout game this Saturday against Georgia.

1. Sept. 22
2. Carp, without a doubt–he’s a favorite and has an edge over Wainwright, since he’s won before.
3. Bullpen
4. Phillies–because of all that LHP
5. Dexter!!!!!!! Also, Friday Night Lights.
6. Cool, but not cold, weather; my birthday
7. “An Echo in the Bone,” by Diana Gabaldon; “Dreamfever,” by Karen Marie Moning; “Agincourt,” by Bernard Cornwell

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