@jack visits Busch Stadium

Matthew Leach

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Evidently there are no hard feelings. Perhaps that’s the power of baseball.

St. Louis native and Cardinals fan Jack Dorsey visited Busch Stadium on Friday night as a local-boy-made-good. Dorsey is one of the co-founders of Twitter — and that means that for a while, he was not a favorite person of manager Tony La Russa.

The skipper sued Twitter earlier this year over a fake La Russa page that appeared on the site. However, the matter has since been resolved, and La Russa and Dorsey — who tweets under the name @jack — shared a handshake and brief conversation on the field.

Dorsey, who had several friends and family members in attendance with him, admitted to being nervous both about throwing out a first pitch and meeting La Russa — and wasn’t sure which was the greater concern.

“If [La Russa] comes out of the meeting with a bad feeling,” Dorsey said, it would make him even more nervous about the pitch.

But nothing of the sort happened — and in fact Dorsey did a decent job with his pitch. It sailed a bit wide, but didn’t hit the ground or the backstop.

Soon after meeting La Russa, he tweeted:

“Tony La Russa just told me not to throw it into the dirt. And said he’s going to take me out to dinner in the bay area. Holding him to it.”

La Russa said earlier in the afternoon that he would be pleased to meet Dorsey.

“Recently, well after we settled it, some of their people visited ARF and were really impressed with it,” La Russa said, referring to his Animal Rescue Foundation in the Bay Area. “I don’t think he was one of the ones who made the visit, but yeah, I’m looking forward to meeting him.”

It was a busy day for Dorsey, who spoke at Webster University and gave numerous interviews before coming to the ballpark.


Forget the post, what is Tony thinking about when he takes Carp out, with what ? 100 or so pitches..IT WAS HIS GAME TO LOOSE OR WIN !! Carp is a true CY pitcher, Tony just does think at times and this was sure one of those times !!
I am not second guessing him, it it just clear he should have let Chris finish the game, or at least TRY !!

Absolutely no reason to push Carpenter there, with the playoffs looming.

I guarantee you he WAS thinking. In October, Carpenter probably finishes that game. In September, with a massive lead, Carpenter comes out.


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