Cards announce callups

The Cardinals just confirmed that they will have four call-ups from Triple-A Memphis on Wednesday. Pitcher Josh Kinney and infielders Tyler Greene and David Freese will be recalled from Memphis, while catcher Matt Pagnozzi will have his contract purchased from Memphis.



What did Allen Craig do, offer to take TLR hunting? I mean, if anyone earned a cup of coffee reward, I’d think he did. Bring him up for a couple of weeks, see what he can do.

This organization seems to have a grudge against him, and I really don’t know why.

Seriously. Does this call-up start some kind of clock? I suppose there is a reason why the pitchers were not called up (though that is a stumper as well) but can someone please ask Mozeliak the logic (or lack thereof) behind sending the hottest hitter in the minors home? Is it our abundance of third basemen?

1) Craig has had an injured foot for the past month, and his primary role has been as a DH.

2) By adding him to the roster, you actually get him for 1 less year than you would if you were to wait until next season.

3) They would have to purchase his contract in order for him to be on the 40 man roster.

4) He wouldn’t be available in the post season, so why purchase his contract to just get maybe 5 at bats from him?

2 is probably wrong.

Why don’t we see Mark Shorey getting called up. He has produced at every level since being drafted in the 30th round (I believe). He was one of the best hitters Memphis Redbirds had this year. Is the reason that we are not seeing him called up due to his draft stock because I bet if he was drafted in the top 10 rounds he would have already made an appearance in the MLB. Or do the Cardinals have an abundance of outfielders? I would love to know

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