Friday tidbits: Ryan, Rasmus, Molina

Matthew Leach

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Greetings from Denver. This is a truly wonderful city, and it’s an absolutely gorgeous night. 64 degrees at first pitch, a few clouds… fantastic.

* Brendan Ryan is back in the lineup, and said that his sore left pinkie finger is in fact feeling better. He said it was explained to him that the club liked the idea of giving him two days off plus Thursday off day in order to recover.

* Colby Rasmus bats in the fifth spot tonight. TLR didn’t give up a lot about the reasoning behind the decision, except to note that COL has a lot of RH relievers right now and this may make it a little more challenging to pitch the middle of the order.

* The skipper said he doesn’t plan to begin resting Yadier Molina a lot more once the Cardinals clinch. He noted, instead, that he’s already begun easing off Molina a little bit, giving him to recent days off. 2-out-of-3 looks like a pretty reasonable ratio to expect over the final three series, maybe a touch more, probably not less.

* A stat from STATS Inc that I received in my inbox today: “No team has scored first more often than the St. Louis Cardinals. They have scored the first run in an MLB-leading 90 games in 2009. Their opponents have paid for giving up the first run of the game, as the Cardinals are 69-21 when scoring first. Their .767 winning percentage in those games ranks second only to the .787 winning percentage of the Colorado Rockies, who are 59-16 when getting the first run.”

Today’s playlist:
Pearl Jam, “Unthought Known”
U2, “Until the End of the World”
Dramarama, “Until the Next Time”
Cure, “Untitled”
Garbage, “Untouchable”

(My iPod ended up on the U’s today. Started playing. Good songs kept coming up. Didn’t mess with it.)



think the cards need to wake up its not over yet 1 run in 18 innings is not a champion team

at the game tonight. Rockies fans booed Matt Holiday. I grew up in STL, but have lived in CO for 16 years. The Cardinals have the classyiest fans EVER. Holliday did nothing but bust his as for the Rockies yet he got traded by an ownership that didn’t want to pay him what he was worth. The Rockies fans booeds him. BS. GO CARDS!

I don’t get this teams tendency to be shutout by no names. Is it because they rely too much on video?? Rookies seem to always shut us down. Is it because we don’t have video on them, so we have a weak gameplan against them??? Something has got to change, or this will be a repeat of 2004.

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