Call for Inbox submissions

I will be running a new Inbox (the artist formerly known as the
Mailbag) next week. If you want to get a question in, submit it now
using the link below. If you send an email directly, without using that
link, I implore you to include the word “Mailbag” in the
subject header. Otherwise it won’t make it in. If it doesn’t have that
header, I assume it’s not for inclusion.

Email a question about the Cardinals


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I just listened to Bernie M. the St Louis sportswriter on talk radio. I will not dignify his comments by repeating them here; other than to say his derogatory remarks were aimed at Albert Pujols. B. M. (someohow those initials fit your latest tirade Bernie) needs to take a step back and look at the big picture. Albert Pujols will go down as the greatest player of his generation, and maybe of all time. He does a world of good for this community and beyond. He plays the game the right way. We are blessed to see him everyday first hand, and losing him to free agency would be a blow to not only our win/loss column, but also to this community. He deserves to be the highest paid player in the game today, and the Cardinals need to lock him up long term. Bill DeWitt wants to stand in cooperstown with Albert someday, this is his chance to be a part of baseball history, in a positive way. I for one will be forever upset with current ownership if they let him get away!!! I find no fault with this man except wanting to win, and provide for his family and the things that are dear to him. I find fault with B.M.’s attack this afternoon, and will see his future comments about Mr. Pujols with different eyes. If I was Albert you would never talk to me again after the things you said about him this afternoon.

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