November 2009

Cardinal Blogger Awards

Here’s my ballot for the 2009 Cardinal Blogger Awards. The nominees can be found here, and the home for the United Cardinal Bloggers can be found here.

1. Cardinal Player of the Year: Albert Pujols

2. Cardinal Pitcher of the Year: Adam Wainwright (I value the innings and starts a lot; if I had a Cy Young ballot it would have gone Lincecum-Wainwright-Carpenter)

3. Game of the Year: Sept. 26 at COL

4. Surprise Player of the Year: Joel Pineiro (write-in)

5. Disappointing Player of the Year: Rick Ankiel

6. Cardinal Rookie of the Year: Colby Rasmus

7. Offseason Acquisition of the Year: Trever Miller

8. Midseason Acquisition of the Year: Matt Holliday

9. Most Anticipated Cardinal: Shelby Miller (not nec. my top prospect, but certainly the guy I most anticipate seeing)

10. Best Individual Blog: Fungoes

11. Best Team Blog: Viva El Birdos

12. Best Media Blog: Bird Land

13. Best UCB Project: Top 7 Prospects


Tuesday hot stove tidbits: Glaus, DeRosa, McGwire, LaRue

I have a story going up on shortly with a look at the Holliday situation, the starting rotation, and a couple of other matters, but plenty of other tidbits came from my afternoon chat with John Mozeliak, as well as some other sources, today.

* Mozeliak pretty much ruled out the possibility of Troy Glaus returning to play 3B for the Cardinals in 2010. Glaus is just too big of a question mark, healthwise, to rely on to play 3B all year.

* My friend and colleague Todd Zolecki, who writes for and maintains The Zo Zone, spoke with a representative for Mark DeRosa’s agents and was told that DeRosa’s surgery went well. According to Dr. Gary Lourie, who performed the operation, the surgery was completed “with no complications,” and the doctor expects “full baseball activities well before baseball season begins.”

* There’s nothing new to report on Mark McGwire.

* This was one I found a tad curious. I asked Mozeliak if there was anything to be read into the fact that Jason LaRue has not yet signed, given that the Cardinals often act quickly to re-up their backup catcher.

This was his response: “We would like to see how things develop, and how things unfold. I think there’s a lot of things that could be different this year, and we wanted to take a more patient approach as we put this club together.”

I certainly wouldn’t rule out the possibility that someone other than LaRue is the backup catcher in 2010.

* Regarding an upgrade or addition to the right-handed relief corps, here’s what Mozeliak had to say: “I don’t think it’s a priority. But if we thought we could upgrade, we’d consider it.”

* Finally, the Cardinals and all other teams have until Friday to protect players from the Rule 5 Draft by adding them to the 40-man roster. The Cards have some intriguing decisions, and it will be something worth watching.


Lucky Seven, OYNAG-is-not-dead edition

This seems like the best way to bring back OYNAG, which I admit has been languishing.

1. Who gets your vote for NL Cy Young? Who will actually win it?

2. Who gets your vote for NL Rookie of the Year? Who will win it? NOTE: If you say Rasmus, please defend your choice. I love his future, but it’s hard for me to see how his year makes him a better candidate than any of the three pitchers, or the two Pirates.

3. I’ll pass on asking about MVP, but who gets your vote for NL Manager of the Year? Who will win it?

4. Simple question: For what team will Matt Holliday play in 2010?

5. What’s the most you’d be willing to go, in terms of years and dollars, to sign Holliday in St. Louis?

6. Who will meet in the BCS title game? Right now it’s clearly a collision course between Texas and the SEC champ. Will that stand, or will it get messy?

7. We’re a couple of months into the new TV season. What new shows, if any, do you recommend?