Tuesday Winter Meetings tidbits

Lots and lots of tidbits from today…

* The Cardinals met with the agents from Career Sports and Entertainment today, among others. That’s the group that represents both Mark DeRosa and John Smoltz. It doesn’t sound like there’s any serious traction, right now, with either player, but there’s definitely interest. I wouldn’t rule either one out at this point.
* TLR was insistent that the Cardinals not be ruled out in the pursuit of Matt Holliday.
* TLR also acknowledged that the Cards have a real interest in Miguel Tejada. Both of these points, and some others, are included in my daily wrapup story that will soon be going on StLCardinals.com.
* Both TLR and Mozeliak expressed a strong reluctance to move Skip Schumaker off of second base. In the context of conversations about “Plan A,” “Plan B,” etc., Mozeliak referred to such a move as plan “quadruple-Z.”
* TLR acknowledged that there are likely more third-base fits than outfield fits in the current market.
* Mozeliak said that there’s very little likelihood of a trade while the Cardinals are here, and that in fact “more doors are closing” than opening as far as trades.
* The Cardinals will not talk with John Lackey’s agent. This is no surprise, since they consistently, steadfastly emphasize that they have no interest in a deal of longer than one year with a starter. They could yet add a starter, but it would be another one-year contract.
* They’d like to add a lefty power bat off the bench. However, moves like bench and bullpen upgrades will likely wait until the lineup and rotation are squared away.
Today’s playlist:
Nirvana, “All Apologies”
Modest Mouse, “Ocean Breathes Salty”
Jesus and Mary Chain, “Reverence”
Smashing Pumpkins, “I Am One”
Radiohead, “Airbag”


leach has tidbits, tidbits,and lot’s of tidbits and not a tidbit of news.

obviously, your not a writer, either.

skip, Matt Leach can’t make there be any news today. He’s only reporting who’s been talking, and about what. For those who can’t spend all day online reading various sites, like us, some of what’s here might actually be news. Go Cards!

leach, you slacking?

hey revd, haven’t i seen you somewhere?

you decide not to blog today, leach?

leach, wake your lazy typewriting fingers up and give us a blog update. mlb.com needs to get someone that does a better job than you. come on, there new articles on the post dispatch, mlb.com, the cardinals site. where are you, golfing?

Slide shut up! He doesn’t have to write on this blog ever, and I don’t want you ruining it for the rest of us who actually appreciate the service what he does FOR us.

Dude, you know we all crave more and more information since this is the information age, but please dont let people like slide ruin it for the rest of us. We look forward to your next post and as always GO CARDS!

looks like i lite a fire under shifter3, maybe someone will light a fire under leach.

You do know that this blog isn’t the only thing I write, don’t you?


Also, however irritated you may be, thanks for continuing to come to the blog and check it out. I do appreciate it.


thanks for the reply matthew, good to know you read comments. wonder if you read the cardinals comments on the mlb.com site. my friends are there. would name some, but not sure they would like it.

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