Edmonds to return?

Maybe Jim Edmonds was dead serious. Maybe it was all an elaborate put-on. When it comes to Edmonds and Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, it can be tough to tell. This much is certain: Edmonds said on Sunday night that he wants to come back and play for the Cardinals in 2010.

The long-time Angels and Cards star hasn’t played since 2008. Before that year, St. Louis traded him to San Diego. After the Padres released him, he signed on with the Cubs, with whom he played his last game on Sept. 26, 2008.

On Sunday night at the annual “Stars to the Rescue” benefit for La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation, Edmonds said he was “challenging” La Russa to let him rejoin his old team.

The exchange started after the final bows for the event, which featured country star Dierks Bentley and comedienne Kathleen Madigan, among others. La Russa said that “someone” had sent him a text and wanted to come onstage. That someone turned out to be Edmonds, who made his way from his seat at the opposite end of the arena.

Edmonds took the microphone with a grin and addressed the crowd.

“I’m challenging him to let me come back and play for the Cardinals
again for free,” Edmonds said to the crowd at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis.

Edmonds then modified his offer to playing for the league minimum, rather than for free. He and La Russa engaged in some playful banter, and at the end, La Russa quipped that he wished he had a rewind button so that he could simply skip Edmonds appearance — but he said it with a grin.

The Cardinals could use a backup center fielder as well as a left-handed bat off the bench, and there have been rumblings that Edmonds might be interested in a return to the game. Still, it’s a long way from that sort of speculation to a return after missing a full year.

La Russa and Edmonds have what can fairly be called a complicated relationship. They didn’t always get along when Edmonds played in St. Louis, but their mutual fondness was always obvious. La Russa chastised Edmonds for what he believed to be dismissive comments about St. Louis after Edmonds joined the Cubs, and the criticism seemed to sting Edmonds at the time.

On stage on Sunday, though, Edmonds referred to La Russa as like a father figure to him, and the warmth in their relationship, rather than any strain, dominated the scene.

Neither La Russa nor general manager John Mozeliak could be reached for comment after the event ended.



I think that would be great if the Cards resigned Jim Edmonds. He would be the perfect backup for Rasmus and provide perfectly off the bench. He could even fill in for Albert on a day off. Jimmy would hit around .250 to .270 with 10-20 homeruns and somewhere between 50 and 75 RBI’s, which would be perfect for a part time player. And if Rasmus struggles, they could plug Edmonds back in as the starter until Rasmus gets back on track.

Look, “iubball1,” that’s simply not acceptable. I don’t know what makes you think it’s OK to call someone stupid here, but it just isn’t.

I’ve written this again and again and again, and I have no idea why you think it applies to everyone else but you. But it applies to you just as much as everyone else: be respectful and courteous, or take it elsewhere.

Personal insults are not welcome. Lack of courtesy is not welcome.

Disagreement IS welcome. It can be fun to have a spirited and thoughtful disagreement. But this kind of tone is not.

Either be courteous and respectful, or you’re not welcome here.


I love Jim Edmonds and will ALWAYS remember him and his great defense in CF. Not sure re- signing him would be a great idea, unless the Cards are pulling a deal like the Eagles and forming a reunion tour or something. I would rather see Ankiel return for the league minimum as he is much younger and probably as good defensively any more. Everyone loves StL and is usually sorry to leave, and Jimmy Ballgame is no different. Give him some love and make him a special coach for Rasmus. Go Cards !!!

A couple of things:

I love the idea of seeing Jim wearing the birds on a bat again. A rumor has been that he’d like to make a token signing so he might retire a Card in some sort of ceremony–amd that would be fine and a gesture of appreciation for a good ball player who always gave the team his best.

As for playing skills–they might be still there, but to be honest he probably would bat about 240-250–maybe–but with a little pop. There have been worse veteran, fan favorite defensive replacements. Assuming his propensity for clutch hits was still there along with some of that famous defensive prowness we all all loved–he could be a good part-time fill-in. Then, however, the question arises about whether a spot on the roster needs to be taken by that kind of limited role player. In any case, best of luck to Jimmy.

1st off: iubball1 is just rude. Go Matt!

2nd: From a business/team aspect, I was all for Edmonds & Rolen leaving the team when they did. They were making too much $$ at that time. I knew a year before they left it was going to happen. That being said, as a fan, I wish they were still here. It killed me to see Jimmy wearing that “blue jersey” at the end of his career. That was just sooo wrong. SD made sense, he was goin back to SoCal, but to end up a Cub?! I think TLR should do all the fans a HUGE favor & put him back in Cardinal red where he belongs. And heck yeah, if he’ll do it for the league minimum, why not. At best he has a good comeback year off the bench. At worst, he can mentor Rasmus into an All-Star CF! Go Redbirds!!

I say invite him to Spring training and see what he has left. If he looks like he still has a little pop and could contribute off the bench, sign him to a minor league contract. Seems pretty simple to me. I think he deserves at least an invitation to spring training.

Uh… I love Jimmy and all, but this is a bad idea. His swings at the end of 2008 were, eh… bad.

Well, invite him to spring training and take it from there.

way to go leach. would you like to ‘police’ the cards site at mlb.com. we could use it.

What a report to wakeup to this morning Matt! Given that Jim Edmonds is my favorite Cardinal of All-Time, I would be thrilled with a comeback. Hopefully we will see Jimmy in Jupiter, FL in the next couple of weeks.

Has Jim been doing any off season conditioning Matt?

I wouldn’t mind Jim making an appearance at the Cardinals Legends camp in Jupiter, FL that DYNASTY League Baseball is sponsoring on Wednesday Januaray 20, 2010 either. Jim Edmonds will be competing with the 2004 Cardinals as part of a Cardinals Greatest Team tournament using the new DYNASTY League Baseball Online version with the campers and legends participating.

Signing Edmunds for the league minimum is risk free. consider that he may only hit .240 off the bench it’s a left handed bat. And with that average he wouldn’t be hitting much worse than Ankiel had. Also factor in his experience and knowledge that can be absorbed by a young player like Rasmus. One year, league minimum. I say why not? There really isn’t much to lose on that deal.

I would be thrilled to see Jimmy comeback. He’s my all time favorite. Just as a backup, but look at the moral booster. Come on back Jimmy!!

Why not? All we need is a backup, he’d play for nothing and he’s a respected veteran who would be a good defensive influence on our budding young cf. If we can carry Joe Thurston on the team for an entire year hitting .230 with no power, horrid defense and a stunning inability to run the base path then we can bring back one of the most integral parts of our two pennants this century.


I JUST posted something reminding y’all of the guidelines here. They’re simple. They’re easy to understand. Be RESPECTFUL. Be COURTEOUS. No name-calling.

And what do we get just a couple of hours later? “You are one arrogant bonehead.”

Hey, “stlcrdnl,” the guidelines apply to you too. And to everyone else.

That stuff is not welcome here. Take it elsewhere. If you can’t be bothered to be courteous and respectful, DON’T COMMENT HERE. I don’t want it. I will delete it.

In fact, I am deleting both of the two insulting comments now.


They’ve both been deleted.

If you two want to re-post your comments, making your arguments without insulting people, you are not only welcome to do so but invited to. Dissenting viewpoints are encouraged and invited.

If you can’t make your points without insults or name-calling, take it elsewhere.


I agree that he could be an asset off the bench and as a lefty bat. But, I feel he’s gotta come to spring training and go through the motions like everyone else. If he can make the team through his own efforts with no special treatment, then I’m all for it.

This site has garbled comments. I did not write what was attributed to me!

I’d take a chance on him. I feel he’s a valuable presence for Colby, and he fills a hole we need off the bench–and it’d be quite affordable. Gives Jim a chance to retire with the Birds on the Bat… Just sounds like a good opportunity all around.

Although I loved Edmonds as a cardinal I think a wiser selection would be a younger version… Say someone who was here the past few years and gave his all to reinvent himself and kida got the shaft due to injuries. I’m talking about Ankil. He would put up just as good of numbers and is a much younger version of edmonds. He gives you the same sort of defensive hustle and effort and although his bat is still a work in progress, he might benfit by playing more sparingly and working with our new hitting coach! Who knows if it worked out we might be able to trade him down the road for a third baseman or pitching help. Just a thought. What do you think?

Ankiel has no desire to be a part-time player.


If nothing else than to let him retire as a Cardinal, what else is there? Oh but to be there opening day at busch to “Stand up and applaud” to 3 of the greatest Cardinals ever…

If Rick Ankiel will only sign as a starter he’ll find himself without a job. Unless of course he’s ready to start pitching again. Jim Edmonds as a power hitting lefty off the bench, also helping out Rasmus is a great thought. McGwire use to work out in the off season with Jimmy. Like he did last winter with Skip and Holliday. Do you think it’s an accident that these guys want to work with Big Mac? It’s not. He’s good as a hitting coach and it shows. Who knows with disire and something to prove Edmonds might have a comeback player of the year award waiting…

I say give him an invite to spring training. I like it a left handed bat off the bench with a little pop and better then average in the outfield with a ton of experience to teach to the younger guys. I like him better than Rick Ankiel. It looked to me last yr as Rick just gave up. He seemed like he could not adjust he could not hit anything off-speed and was just getting chewed up and spit out as though he should be in double-a ball. I like his defense but he will get paid more than the league min. I have a feeling cause Mr. Boras is his agent. Anyways if Edmonds doesn’t make the team how about adding a guy with some speed off the bench as I am tired of station to station running. I am sorry for my punctuation and sentence structure it is awful I know.

When I saw the headline my first thought was, “That’s ridiculous”, but the more I thought about it, the less ridiculous it seemed. I’d welcome Jimmy Ballgame back with a couple of caveats. He MUST come to Spring Training and actually WIN the relief centerfield/LH bench pop job. It’s the latter that may prove problematic…I agree with the earlier comment that his swing was like a rusty gate at the end. His swing is not ideal for combatting a diminution of power. But if he can still get around on a letters-high fastball he could be our left hand bat off the bench. He’d be an ideal mentor for Colby, defensively, and he’ll certainly be a fan and team favorite IF he’s still got anything in the tank! I, too, was left with a distinctly sour taste in my mouth when I saw him in a Cubs uniform and I’d LOVE to see him retire wearing the birds on the bat. However, it can’t be seen as favoritism in any way…he’ll have to earn it! Otherwise, I’d much rather see another ex-Cardinal get the nod as several have commented…Rick Ankiel…who is probably superior at this point, defensively; would be just as fine a late innings replacement and mentor for Rasmus…and under the tutelege of Mark McGwire might well become more selective at the plate and who has MUCH more pop, now, than Jimmy does. I doubt that he’d play for anything anywhere near the minimum, especially with Scott Boras as his agent…but that scenartio could modify itself as the season approaches and he remains unsigned. On balance, I’d rather take a chance on Ankiel than on Edmonds…there’s NO real upside to Jimmy except for a warm fuzzy feeling…Rick’s COULD be enormous!

It would be wonderful to have Edmonds back in a Cardinal uniform! He was always one of our favorites. If nothing else, he could try to make the team in spring training. How exciting it’s going to be this spring. We’re going down to Jupiter for 10 days the end of February, and I can’t wait to see this amazing 2010 team with McGwire added to the coaching staff. What fun!

With all the factors surrounding Edmonds (in particular, the relationship with LaRussa), one thing has to happen for sure: there would need to be a sit-down with all major brass to determine what role or roles Jim would be willing to accept and embrace. It is no secret that Tony realizes the fundamental, as well as sentimental and historical, value of the return of past veterans, but hopefully not to a fault. If the goals can be set at a reasonable level, and incentive to exceed them is in place, then perhaps a win-win situation can be achieved. As someone who loved to see Edmonds perform as much as anyone (I still have a piece of Dodger Stadium turf I saw him churn up in 2001 during a Sunday night game before Labor Day–I went out and got it when we went onto the field for a fireworks display), nothing would be more Cardinal-like than to see Jimmy churning up more turf in center field again…..

Incidentally, at THAT game in Los Angeles, I purchase EVERY SINGLE Mark McGuire Salvino’s Bammers Limited Edition Bears that the stadium had left…117 total, of which I have 26 left…I wonder what kind of value those might have in the future…….

Just wanted to apologize for my first comment, especially to Lesley. In the future, if I decide to make a comment, I will do so by giving my viewpoint in a non-condescending way towards somebody else. Sorry for embarrassing myself and hurting or angering anybody who read my first comment.

I would absolutely LOVE having Jimmy Ballgame back. What an offer, what an asset he would be for the Cardinals!Jimmy would be a great role model for the younger guys. He is very well respected as he showed during the 2006 Playoffs as well as the World Series. This would give him closure to his career and he has made it clear in the past he wants to retire as a Cardinal. Also he has made his home in St. Louis! Oh,plllllllllllllllllllllllllllease accept this offer!

To iubb: Thanks very much. Takes a big person to say that. Welcome to the community, and please do contribute. I mean it when I say disagreement is welcomed and encouraged.

To all: We’re taking action regarding the spammer. Please just ignore. Thanks.


As much as I loved Jim Edmonds, I would MUCH rather they bring back Rick Ankiel as a backup for the outfield. Ankiel had a horrid last year, one he cannot possibly do worse than, but Edmonds is way past his prime. I think Jim would be a great clubhouse addition, but we’re not talking about a clubhouse addition here, we’re talking about between the lines, and I just don’t think he will contribute being a VERY part-time player.

Birds on the Bat + Edmonds + Number 15 = World Series 2010 !!! Bring Jimmy back to St. Louis where he belongs. He will be a huge asset. Whether it be on the field, or off the bench he would make the team complete. He may be getting older(like 40 is ancient), but I think he still has a lot to offer the Cards. IS IT BASEBALL SEASON YET??
GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!

Bringing back Edmonds would be great for the team and fans, I thought of this senerio long before it was announced. If the Cards had Edmonds off the bench last fall he could have been inserted in leftfield for the not so defensive Holliday, he would had that ball in his back pocket. If Edmonds is willing to take the league minimum and platoon the Cardinals would be idiots not to entertain this offer, let him retire a St. Louis wher he helped bring home a Championchip.

I just saw on BBTN that “Edmonds has instructed his agent to find a team.” Does that mean the the Cardinals are out of the running? Have they had the talk(s) with him as they said they would? Matt do you have any futher insight on wether the club is interested at all in having him back?

I would (L) for Jim Edmonds to come back in a Cardinals uniform.I had a hard time having him leave the Card’s.Now,I wasn’t sad to see Scott Rolen go,but once they broke up that team that they had gone to the WS and won it,it all started to go downhill from then on.Do you even remember who was on that team? Mostly veterans,but there were a few rookie’s in there.I can’t remember when they were rookie’s,but there were a few.I can think of 8 that are still here since 2006,but that’s it.But,if Jim Edmonds come’s back and work’s for the Cardinals as a back-up outfielder,then it might work.You never know.Think of all of the team’s that he has played for. He started out with Anehiem,then he went to the Cardinals,Padres,the good for nothing Cubs.I can’t even believe Jim Edmonds would bring up such a thing like that.

Despite Edmonds storied history with the Cardinals I don’t know if it would be worth the price to bring him back at his current age. Full disclosure, I am a Cubs fan, and he really didn’t do much for us. (And that was 2 years younger ago). Although, Edmonds might help you sell some extra tickets and provide a clubhouse boost. Definitely a catch 22.

Bring Jim Edmonds back? Like old Sup? I think someone is dreaming. I loved what both of the forementioned did for St. Louis, but I don’t think there is enough “water in the well” in either. Why not sign up Musial and Schoendienst? I darned sure loved them!
Our Cardinal team is built around power. Another power hitter is NOT the problem. Getting people on IS!
Today’s game report eludes to Garcia as “not having it” today. Can’t blame him completely. Four hits off a below average pitcher. Oh, I forgot, we hadn’t seen him enough…….bull! It’s tough to win with a few starters who can’t hit .240!
The National League Central is up for grabs. Winning this division will be the only way any of the teams can make it
this year.
It is time for the big sticks to start producing. Make it a fun thing for a change. Talk to the Rangers and find out how they are suddenly emerging as a contender.
Time for the Cards to produce on a consistent scale. Losing a series to KC just isn’t going to get it.

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