Let the festivities begin

Matthew Leach

JUPITER, Fla. — A little after 9 am eastern, those of us sitting in the media workroom here at Roger Dean Stadium heard cheers. They were coming from the entrance gate to the player/staff/media parking lot.

We looked up, looked out the door, and what do you know, up walks the Cardinals’ new hitting coach — guy named McGwire. He poked his head in the media room, wondering if that was where he needed to be, but quickly figured out that wasn’t where he was headed. 
Unsurprisingly, he didn’t stop to chat with anybody, though when a TV crew asked him about being back in uniform, he replied “feels good,” and when he was asked whether it’s good to be back, he said, “absolutely.” Scintillating stuff, I know. Hopefully McGwire will chat with us before the day is out, and when/if he does, I’ll have a story on it.
The coaching staff is scheduled to meet a little later this morning. That’s about when manager Tony La Russa is expected to arrive at camp for the first time.
Oh, and by the way, it’s report day for pitchers and catchers. The first official workout comes tomorrow. Look for frequent updates on the actual baseball news here, at StLCardinals.com and at my Twitter account.

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