Tuesday Spring Training photo gallery

I apologize, folks: no tidbits post today, because pretty much all of my tidbits made it into separate stories. Go to the site today and you’ll have several news updates on all the stuff that happened. I also have a long piece on the Cardinals’ new nutrition program going up tonight, and I hope you’ll give it a look because I think it turned out well.

Anyway. Instead of tidbits, I give you photos. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version. Check ’em out…
Hawksworth-bunts.jpg TLR-watches-catcher-BP.jpg AP-takes-BP.jpg SMiller-throws.jpg Penny-and-Carp.jpg
In the row above: Blake Hawksworth bunts; Tony La Russa watches the catchers take BP; Albert Pujols makes contact in BP; Shelby Miller throws; Brad Penny and Chris Carpenter walk out to practice
Molina-and-Lohse.jpg Dunc-watches.jpg Lynn-throws.jpg Mather-and-Mac.jpg Ryan-with-cast.jpg
In the row above: Yadier Molina and Kyle Lohse chat; Dave Duncan watches one of his pitchers; Lance Lynn throws live BP; Mark McGwire watches Joe Mather; Brendan Ryan with his wrist wrapped up
Franklin-and-Dunc.jpg Franklin-throws.jpg Matheny-and-catchers.jpg AP-takes-BP-2.jpg AP-and-Mac.jpg
In the row above: two shots of Ryan Franklin’s live BP; Mike Matheny coaches the catchers; two shots of Pujols swinging in BP
AP-and-Mac-2.jpg Pujols-and-Molina.jpg Pujols-and-Molina-2.jpg Raz-and-Mac.jpg Raz-takes-BP.jpg
In the row above: more Pujols BP; Pujols and Molina have a relaxed moment; McGwire watches Colby Rasmus take BP; and Rasmus in BP

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