Sunday camp tidbits: Games are approaching

It was another unusually chilly day in Jupiter today. This is odd stuff, though it wasn’t cool enough to force any changes to the schedule this time.

* The Cardinals only have three more workout days before Grapefruit League games begin, and while the players are no doubt antsy to get games started, TLR would happily take another week of preparations if you offered it to him.
The Cardinals will take a good bit of infield practice in the next couple of days, and they’ll play at least one “coaches game.” They also will work out inside the stadium, rather than on the back fields, one day early this week as they build toward the exhibition schedule.
* Allen Craig worked out with the infielders today, which was a bit curious. TLR said, though, that Craig’s best opportunity to make this team remains as an outfielder. That’s truer than ever, of course, with the addition of Felipe Lopez.
“He’s throwing from the outfield, and he takes infield during infield practice, then he goes to the outfield for the popup drills that we’re going to do today,” La Russa said.
“I think there’s more opportunities for him in the outfield.”
* Speaking of the outfield, the manager wouldn’t fully confirm it, but Lopez’s addition may allow the Cardinals to take only four outfielders north. If they have him and Skip Schumaker and Julio Lugo all as options for at least spot duty in the outfield, the need for five designated outfielders is lessened. I’ll have my first roster projection of this spring sometime in the coming days.
* One of the most dedicated “FOTs” (Friends of Tony) has arrived at camp. Ron Wolf, the former general manager of the Green Bay Packers, is a big baseball fan and a regular visitor at Cardinals camp. He’s been around the past couple of days and likely will be around a great deal as the spring goes on.
Today’s playlist is all Jimmy Buffett, and in fact all songs that he played last night when I went to his concert down in Sunrise.
“Son of a Son of a Sailor”
“Boat Drinks”
“One Particular Harbor”
“Southern Cross”
“Tin Cup Chalice”
Terrific show, and what a wonderful closer in “Tin Cup Chalice.”

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I love that you’re playlist is Jimmy Buffett. This blog is great and it’s very interesting to hear the updates on the Cardinals. Thanks!

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