Tuesday Spring Training photo gallery

Some shots from a rainy day at camp. They just about got the whole workout done before the skies opened up.

March-2-workout-001.jpg March-2-workout-002.jpg March-2-workout-003.jpg March-2-workout-006.jpg March-2-workout-007.jpg March-2-workout-008.jpg
Above: dark skies over Jupiter; Kyle McClellan prepares to throw; Yadier Molina signs autographs; Rich Hill throws in live BP; Matt Holliday takes some cuts
March-2-workout-009.jpg March-2-workout-010.jpg March-2-workout-011.jpg March-2-workout-012.jpg March-2-workout-013.jpg March-2-workout-014.jpg
Above: Albert Pujols watches live BP; Mike Matheny looks on; palm trees blow in the wind; Albert Pujols takes a hack; Molina walks out to catch McClellan; McClellan throws
March-2-workout-015.jpg March-2-workout-016.jpg March-2-workout-017.jpg March-2-workout-021.jpg March-2-workout-022.jpg
Above: McClellan throws; Molina receives; Colby Rasmus takes a swing; Pujols’ shoe; David Freese and Joe Mather take grounders at third
March-2-workout-023.jpg March-2-workout-024.jpg March-2-workout-025.jpg March-2-workout-026.jpg March-2-workout-027.jpg
Above: More of Mather and Freese taking infield; Pujols and Mark Hamilton take groundballs at first; Tony La Russa, Jose Oquendo and Eduardo Perez watch the workout
March-2-workout-028.jpg March-2-workout-029.jpg
Above: Julio Lugo and Felipe Lopez take infield; Skip Schumaker works on double plays.

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Matthew your blog is one of my daily reads, but can I suggest you get a photobucket account or something similar for the photos, instead having the thumbnails that open new windows?

They have very simple HTML code that you can use to embed an entire album (just like a youtube video).

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