Sunday lineups and pitchers

Lineups for this afternoon’s Marlins-Cardinals game at Roger Dean Stadium. St. Louis is listed as the home team today.

1. Lugo SS
2. Lopez 2B
3. Ludwick RF
4. Holliday LF
5. Molina C
6. Freese 3B
7. Stavinoha DH
8. Mather 1B
9. Robinson CF
McClellan P
Additional Cardinals pitchers: Hill, Reyes, Norrick, Hawksworth, Kinney
In reserve: Motte, Miller, Parise
1. Maybin CF
2. Murphy 2B
3. Ramirez SS
4. Cantu 3B
5. Sanchez 1B
6. Carroll RF
7. Petersen LF
8. Hayes C
9. West LHP

1 Comment

Could somebody explain to me what’s going on with the DH in these games? Why does one team use it and not the other? It doesn’t mean much from the competitive point of view (not that that matters much in the early part of spring training, anyway), since pitchers don’t generally hang around long enough to get at-bats, but why no uniformity?

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