Sunday Spring Training tidbits

They only played one-plus inning here at Champion Stadium before the skies opened up and forced the game to be called, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have plenty of news. A good bit of it I’ve already covered elsewhere on the blog and the site, so be sure to check it all out, but a few tidbits are still left over.

* First, more weather. The forecast calls for a lot of rain in the morning in Jupiter, then tailing off in the afternoon, so a game seems likely but far from certain. I have to think they considered the weather in setting up the assignments, with many of the stars playing in Jupiter and Brad Penny going back down there, so I thus have to think that the team is confident that the game will be played.
* Julio Lugo, who is recuperating from a groin strain, is not in either lineup for tomorrow. I hope to update his condition tomorrow morning, but this does seem to be a little further behind than they initially hoped.
* Wednesday’s game will be started by either Rich Hill or Kyle McClellan, and both will pitch that day. But as for which one will start, that’s not determined. TLR said this morning that it would likely be Hill, but Dave Duncan said it had not been settled yet.
* The staff continues to refuse to acknowledge the relatively obvious, that Chris Carpenter is on track to be the Opening Day starter. Carpenter is scheduled to pitch on Thursday, with Adam Wainwright on Friday, which would put them on track to pitch the first two games.
However, the option does exist to get a bit creative, because each of them still gets one extra day of rest between now and Opening Day. If they stay on an every-fifth-day during Spring Training, then take the extra day between their last spring starts and their first regular-season starts, they would repeatedly face the same teams, which is not ideal. So don’t be surprised if there’s a little re-jiggering in the next couple of weeks.
Today’s playlist consists entirely of gems that were played here today at Champion Stadium:
Rolling Stones, “Dance Little Sister”
The Band, “Up On Cripple Creek”
Al Green, “Tired Of Being Alone”
Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Free Bird”
Jimi Hendrix, “All Along the Watchtower”

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I’m almost 79 (4/10), & I have been a cardinal fan as long as I can remember, as I recall the color man on radio was an old catcher they called the Sarge. They diidn’t travel to away games but rather got it off the Western Union wire, and would call the game to sound almost live. Bang a stick for a hit, control the recorded crowd sounds to fit the situation. I have to buy MLB baseball to watch the cardinals live, expensive, but I do it. My point is I don’t understand the play list, obviously, you’re not a golfer etc. I seldom read the comments because guys use it as their private mail, make all kinds of statements that to me don’t make sense. If you want to show how cute you can be, why not show how intelligent you can be. Write a comment every one can understand, & appreciate. Faithful Jack in Salt Lake

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