Saturday late tidbits: Penny is fine

Another day in the books at Roger Dean Stadium, and remarkably there are only five more games down here before we all head north.

* No sooner did Brad Penny have the bandage taken off his left leg from one line drive than he was hit by another. Hanley Ramirez scorched a ball up the middle in the sixth inning that drilled Penny on the inside back of his left thigh. Penny remained in the game for two more batters, but he definitely had a souvenir from Ramirez.
Penny has been hit repeatedly by comebackers this spring.
“Same thing, ball up the middle, I stick my leg out and try to knock it down,” he said. “Hit me in the muscle, good spot again. It was the thigh. It was on the back of my leg. If it had been a knee, it might have been a problem. I stick my leg out trying to block the ball, trying to knock it down.
“They didn’t score, so I’ll take it. especially in the season.”
Penny tested his leg out and was all right, so he stayed in the game to finish the sixth inning. That’s all he was scheduled for, so he came out after the sixth. He was moving around just fine in the clubhouse afterward.
* Tony La Russa said that he won’t be looking to get Ryan Franklin into back-to-back games this spring. If the games dictate it, La Russa would be open to the possibility, but it won’t be something he will try for.
* Colby Rasmus, who has sat the past three days due to a knee bruise, is expected back in the lineup tomorrow in Port St. Lucie. Just about the entire team will be making the trip except for Matt Holliday and Trever Miller, who will get a day off.


Why leave nasty coments like that. He doesn’t even need to blog, so why does it matter if he leaves music titles or something. Does it truly inconvenience you. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Seriously agree with you CF3. Why even write that comment. I think Mr. Leach does a great job. I was actually quite glad to see he did the recap for this game, because those other guys who have been doing it lately aren’t near as nice to read.

fan#3 & fisheemonkee…
It is this guy’s JOB (you know, that thing people do for a paycheck, or maybe you don’t) to BLOG here…about BASEBALL.
Now, on Twitter it may be a different story (although MLBAM and Bob Bowman may have another opinion) and he can tweet (and does, believe me) all the idiocy he wants…
Just a young kid, seems to me, that is far from having his priorities straight and very likely isn’t going to last much longer with

Axisroto, neither do I have an interest in Matthew Leach’s taste in music nor do I share his taste in music. I also find his list of causes (ACLU, specifically) to be out of step with America’s heartland and true values. However, it seems to me that you yourself have way too much free time on your hands if the best you can do for commentary is to criticize someone for exercising his 1st Amendment rights to free speech. Go figure, someone in the press actually daring to exercise his rights to free speech. What is this country coming to? Rather than appear to be a johnny-come-lately sports reporter wannabe attacking a man who is in at least his 6th season reporting for Cardinal nation, why don’t you try commenting on something substantive instead of arrogantly assuming that Matthew Leach’s bosses are unable to read his posts for themselves?

Speaking of substantive comments, I hope that Brad Penny does not end up with Kyle Lohse’s malady from last year of having a target on his back (or forearm, or wherever). I am glad he seems to be okay. We need them both to stay healthy this year!

Actually, I think M’s job is to write articles for baseball for the Cardinals site and do with this as he pleases. Besides, it looks to me as if whenever he writes in here, he posts something about baseball. In fact, the main premise about probably 85-100 percent of his blog entries are in regards to some baseball topic. The parts about “pop culture” are usually just some snippet at the end where he puts his playlist. If that part offends you, don’t read it. Simple solution for a simple problem.

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