Call for submissions

I’ll be doing a Q&A with Ryan Franklin as part of our Opening Day preview package. So if you have any questions you’d like for him to answer, submit them in the comments. I don’t promise — I can’t promise — to get to all of them. But if any are especially compelling, I’ll get ’em in. Thanks in advance.



“Do you really need your gun in the clubhouse? I mean, Gilbert Arenas is in Washington. That’s nowhere near here.”

But I kid. How about “How have you mentally adjusted from being so headstrong and opinionated towards starting in the rotation just a few years ago to relishing in the role of the toughest bull in the pen?”

“What is the largest living organism that has made your beard it’s home?”

How do you deal with criticism of fans and media as you prepare for the next game, and does that ever affect you or your performance?

Note. The majority of knowledgeable fans recognize your contributions and have confidence in your continued success.

What do you find more difficult both physically and mentally, pitching back to back days? Or having 3 or more days off before you pitch?

Who was the toughest hitter you faced last year and why?

Have you given any advice to the starter candidates and did you think McCellan would end up in the bullpen? Is Opening Day in St. Louis like anywhere else where you have been?

You have had a relatively rough spring. I know that this does not necessarily reflect poorly on veteran players, but what is your confidence level at this point with the season opener just a few days away?

How is family life as a baseball player–would you want your son to be a major league player, and your daughters to marry a MLB player?

do you plan on throwing you knuckleball more, if at all, this season?

do you plan on throwing your knuckleball more, if at all, this season?

Is there really a difference, in your mind, between a closer’s mindset and a fireman’s — the guy who comes in when there are runners on base and the game is on the line, but not in the 9th inning? If so, describe.

Best/Worst Road Bullpen to sit in?

Best/Worst Road Bullpen to sit in?

Can you describe your all star experience? What was is like to be in front of the home town fans?What was the parade like?

Can you describe what your day is like when you get to the ballpark on a day when you know your available to pitch? Are you superstitious in what you eat, wear, etc…?

Does your family stay in STL and if not how often do you get to see your family during the season .. i think you guys should earn the money yall do for missing your family.. God Bless..

When you get back to the Shawnee area during the offseason can my buddies and I hang out with you for a night?

I got a couple of these in. Thanks, folks.

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