Lucky Seven, Where-Have-You-Been Edition

Lucky Seven returns, finally. For those who don’t know, or have forgotten, the guidelines, they’re pretty simple. Answer any and all that you want. If the question doesn’t interest you, just ignore it. If you want to discuss others’ answers, great, please do. But personal insults, etc., are completely unwelcome and will be deleted.

1. Who will get the most plate appearances in the No. 2 spot in the Cardinals’ order this year? Who should get the most?
2. Where would you bat Colby Rasmus? Fifth, as they’ve been doing? Second? Sixth or seventh behind Ludwick and maybe even Molina? Leadoff?
3. How should the Cardinals handle the eighth-inning job? McClellan? Motte? Trade for someone? 
4. How many innings will Jaime Garcia pitch for the Cardinals this year?
5. Which four teams will make the playoffs in the National League this year?
6. Who will win The Masters? Who do you want to win it?
7. What’s the best album of the year so far?


1. Brendan Ryan, Colby Rasmus
2. I really like seeing Rasmus in the 2 hole, it just makes sense to me, he makes decent contact, he’s shown he can draw walks, and he’s got power and LaRussa loves power in the 2 spot (i.e. Larry Walker)
3. McClellan hands down, I’m feeling a break out year for him as a set-up man, as for Motte…I don’t know, he has a lot to prove still
4. Hmmmmm….starts 10-15 games maybe, 60+ there, say another 20 + or – 10 in relief? 80 to 90
5. East – Philly who will barely beat out the Braves I think, West – Giants, Central – Obviously the Redbirds, and the Wild Card goes to Braves/Phillies
6. Tiger/Tiger
7. We Are Young Money – Young Money

1) Ryan. Lopez
2) Leadoff
3) (N)either
4) 140
5) Phillies, Cardinals, Dodgers, Reds
6) Kim
7) Beat the Devils’ Tattoo (BRMC)

1- Brendan Ryan. I like Ryan there, but would prefer Colby.
2- Leadoff or 6th
3- McClellan is the man for the job. Has 4 good pitches, and has the experience.
4- 160-170 (10 wins)
5- Phils, Cards, Diamondbacks, Braves
6- Will win: Ernie Els/ Want to win: Tiger
7- Drake

1. Ryan/Rasmus

2. 2nd, because he has the pop Tony likes in that spot, the speed to get more runs for Pujols and Holliday, and apparently now the plate discipline to get walks to get on base for the aforementioned Pujols and Holliday.

Only drawback is the back to back lefties with schu in the leadoff spot. If this is too big of a problem, Raz should stay in the 5 hole.

3. McClellan in the 8th, but I have a feeling we will need to pick up one more quality righty for the long haul in case Franklin can’t handle the 9th in Sept./Oct.

4. 151 1/3.

5. Cards, Phils, Giants, Braves(WC)

6. I am also apparently not a golfer… I don’t watch golf so I don’t know too many players. I like Lefty Milkelson (sp?) I hope he wins… as long as Tiger doesn’t win, what he did to his wife and family is disgusting.

7. Vampire Weekend – Contra

1. Ryan, Rasmus
2. Rasmus should be 2nd
3. McClellen only! Not Motte, ever.
4. 125
5. Cards, Phillies, Braves, Rockies
6. Clueless
7. Tonight. tobyMac

1) Ryan; Holliday.
2) Leave him in the 5 hole.
3) No set guy. Play the match-ups.
4) 140 IP
5) Cardinals, Phillies, Rockies, Braves.
6) I don’t know.
7) Surfer Blood, Astro Coast.

1) Ryan/Ryan
2) Leave him at 5th.
3) McClellan (and trade Motte for someone, anyone!!)
4) 100 +- 10
5) Cardinals, Phillies, Giants, Braves
6) It’s golf so who cares?
7) What’s an album?

1) Ryan will get the most but would like to see Rasmus or ever Freese on occasion.
2) other than second i think the fifth spot is perfect.
3) McClellan.
4) 130+
5) Phillies Cards Giants Braves. Cards Vs. Giants LCS
6) David Toms. Would liek to see Tiger win just because the guy is good.
7) Motion City Soundtrack- My Dinosaur life

1. Ryan/Ryan….Might need to drop Skip and move Colby up…Whats the backup plan for the leadoff spot if Skip continues to struggle?

2. 5th is working ok. Putting the lefty inbetween the run of righties is the smart move.

3. Sign Russ Springer!!!!

4. 140

5. Cardinals/Giants/Phillies/Braves

6. Phil/Tiger

1. Lopez/Lopez
2. Keep him 5th if he keeps hitting and taking walks like he’s done so far.
3. McClellan
4. 125
5. Who knows? Best teams on paper are STL,PHI, SF, ATL in no particular order.
6. Apparently there are people who find pleasure in watching golf on TV: Enjoy the Masters….
7. Fireflight-“For Those Who Wait”

1. Ryan should. If he can put up about what he did last season, it’s a nice place for him.
2. I would probably hit him 6th behind Ludwick. Luddy’s proven to me that he belongs in the heart of the lineup. Rasmus, not so much.
3. Invent a time machine, go back to the offseason and sign Billy Wagner. Franklin is your 8th inning guy.
4. I’d like to see him around 180.
5. Phils, Cards, Rox, Braves
6. It’ll be a surprise winner.
7. Haven’t found one that I really love yet.

1. Ryan – He’s going to show some pop this year. (Predicting 8 HR)
2. I like Rasmus in the 5 spot.
3. McClellan in the 8th. If time machines are allowed, we’re going back to 2006 to grab Wainwright-the closer. But we’d have to think of a way to keep the two Wainwrights apart, because then we’re looking at time folding in upon itself, spontaneous wormholes, just a whole big mess. Maybe one Wainwright could wear a “scream” mask all the time.
4. 116 1/3 – 4.42 ERA
5. Rockies, Cardinals, Braves, Phillies
6. Greg Norman
7. Plastic Beach – Gorillaz

1. Ryan will. Who should? TBD, but depending on platoon splits and newcomers’ ability to take a pitch and draw a walk, a split between Schumaker (who has no business leading off) and Freese or Lopez looks best to me.
2. Leadoff vs. RHP, #6 vs. LHP. For a leadoff hitter, on-base percentage is life. Against RHP, Raz will have a better OBP this year than Schu, I reckon.
3. Ride the hot hand (with minor leaguers in the mix), but do NOT make a trade. Right-handed relievers are fungible. No point in further depleting the minors to find what’s already down there.
4. 170, which is rather more than I think he really should pitch. I’d be happier with about 140 — as long as those are 140 good innings.
5. Braves, Phillies (WC), Cardinals, Rockies.
6-7. No opinion.

1. Ryan should and will.
2. Rasmus would be a deadly lead-off hitter. With power in the lead-off spot/ speed/ and ability to get on base. Triple threat.
3. McClellan should get most of the innings, though a committee approach is likely and fine with me.
4. 150+, with injuries being a mystery, I can see the Cards leaning on him more.
5. Phills/Braves/Cards/Rockies
6. Woods will win. I want Couples or Watson to win it.
7. The Heavy, The House That Dirt Built

1. Ryan/Ryan 2. Leave him in 5th spot 3. McClellan!! NOT MOTTE! 4. 130 5. Cards, Phillies, Rockies and for the wild card, Braves 6. Tiger will win, don’t really care who wins

1. Ryan; Ryan
2. 5th
3. Motte (I’m probably overly optimistic that he’ll figure it out and do what he did at Triple A.)
4. 160
5. Phillies, Cardinals, Giants, Braves
6. ?
7. “It is Well” – Kutless

1. Motte
2. Motte
3. Motte
4. Motte
5. Motte
6. Motte
7. Motte
Gee, got a broken keyboard here………….

1. Freese please.
2. If it ain’t broke. . .
3. McClellan.
4. 160. . R.O.Y. Jay Hey who?
5. Rocks, Cards, Phils and Giants
6. Boom Boom out go the Lights.
7. Isn’t Axil Rose putting out an album?

1. Ryan, but I think Colby should be in the two spot. His OBP would be very welcome there.
2. Colby
3. McClellen
4. 167.2 innings
5. Cardinals, Braves Phillies, Rockies
6. Mickelson. I’d like to see Tiger win it for the overblown reaction.
7. Either “Rebellion” by The Riot Before or “The Monitor” by Titus Andronicus

1. Ryan. Should be Rasmus.
2. Slot him in at #2. That OBP should be in front of Pujols/Holliday.
3. I actually like Mitch Boggs better than either of those two.
4. I think 160 isn’t asking too much.
5. Phillies, Cards, Rockies, Braves.
6. Tiger Woods? One of those English dudes? Obviously, I’m not a golfer.
7. Teen Dream – Beach House

1. ryan/ ryan
2. 5th spot he is hitting well there
3. blake hawksworth
4. 165
5. braves, cards, giants, philles WC
6. lefty

2. I think that Colby should be behind Molina. With the way they both have been hitting, they would be an effective duo (perhaps a small shadow of Holliday-Pujols). We have a great offense and where ever LaRusaa decides to put him, we’ll be successful.

3. I think we should try and trade for someone. We have good closers but no one is consistent. We need someone that we can depend on.

5. Phillies/Cards/Braves/Giants

6. “Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a ____” – Happy Gilmore

7. “Congratulations” – MGMT

1. a.) ludwick b.) rasmus
2. ideally, rasmus should be a 2 hitter. if he keeps striking out as much, he’s more like a 6 or 7.
3. mclellan and reyes should share the duties depending on matchups. i’d much rather have a healthy josh kinney quite honestly but…..
4. 150
5. phils/ cards/ dodgers/ rockies
6. i think some unheralded guy wins it, but i want tony romo to win it, not
7. blueprint 3-jay-z

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