Wednesday tidbits: Lopez, Motte, more

We’ll get to the tidbits in just a moment, but first a couple of requests. 

I could use some input from y’all. Over the past year or two, the primary way I’ve used this blog is as an outlet for tidbit-y news. However, now that we’re writing notebooks once again, a lot of times all of that news goes on the site. So I’m trying to figure out how exactly to use the blog in other ways as we go forward.
So, my two requests are:
1. Please be patient. I know there hasn’t been enough content on here, and I’m not pleased about that either.
2. Let me know what you want to see here. Opinions? I’d love to do some column-y kind of stuff. Game breakdowns and tactics? Some statistical stuff? Let me know.
Now, on with the tidbits, which I’m posting here so as to get them up quickly before I file my notebook later this evening.
* Felipe Lopez has some soreness in his right arm and is not in the lineup as a result. He started feeling it in Milwaukee, but TLR told us today that the club didn’t know of the issue when Lopez was asked to pitch on Saturday. The hope is that Lopez will be fully available on Friday.
* Jason Motte has been throwing a sinker, and he’s feeling good about what he’s able to do with it. I’ll have some more detail on this in my notebook later this evening. Credit where it’s due. It was this post at Viva El Birdos that got me to asking Motte about what he’s throwing these days. So thanks for the assist.
* It’s unusually cool and breezy here in the desert today, so the roof is closed at Chase Field tonight.
* TLR said that Kyle McClellan is probably off limits tonight after pitching two innings, but that Mitchell Boggs might be available if needed.
That’s all for the baseball, so you can click on to another page if you don’t want to see the playlist.
Today’s playlist is an all-Arizona special:
The Refreshments, “Banditos”
Supersuckers, “Born With a Tail”
Alice Cooper, “I’m Eighteen”
Meat Puppets, “Sam”
Machines of Loving Grace, “Golgotha Tenement Blues”


Personally, I love to see some opinion columns. There have been a few times where I read your Twitter feed and come across something that makes me think, “I wonder how he would elaborate without a character limit?” Plus, the opinion of a man who spends so much time with and cover the team would almost certainly be a good read.

A game breakdown and analysis aspect would probably be cool, too.

I’d love to see the strategy, analysis kind of stuff – game breakdowns and tactics – in addition to all the rest.

game analysis and stats would be great to have, and your opinions are 99% valid from what I’ve read, so whatever you want to write. I love the blog and its nice to see a steady stream of news on the site so keep up the great work.

I like that a few of the players have blogs but they never seem to post that often. Why not have get some of the players to guest blog from time to time. It would be great to get their perspective. Just a thought.

I want to be amused, want something that will kill time and get me away from important stuff. Like:

Here’s the deal: take the top two pitchers from the Cardinals – say, Carpenter and Wainwright – plus the top two hitters – Pujols and Holliday. Would you trade all four with any other team?

For example, NYY: Sabathia & Burnett, A-Rod & Teixiera.

Would you do it?

Matthew, what you could do is pick out a player from the opposition and go into some detail (stat-wise) about the year he is having to this point. It wouldn’t necessarily be front page material but would go with the baseball lifers who read this blog.

Also, I have a question. In Wed. game vs. Edwin JACKSON, he was credited with 12 groundballs vs. 6 fly ball outs. Yet, I consistently come up with 10 ground balls and 8 fly outs when I look at the play-by-play.

Can anybody explain this?

I love the tidbits! I think a cool aspect would be getting a behind the scenes look at the team off the field (pranks played, conversations during BP or locker room/traveling stuff), assuming you’re around them that often, of course.


I come to this site mostly for insider info that I can’t get anywhere else. My local newspaper here in Fla only carries box scores and standings (I don’t watch TV) probably because of the economic crunch. Anyway, I guess the ‘tidbits’ are what I am really after. I see the feature articles and realize that they are in lieu of the blog on many days, but still like to see something here. The St Louis newspapers help fill a void in the opinions area.

Hi Matt:
I’m having some difficulty answering your question beyond agreeing that it’d be great to see more here because I can’t figure out what you mean by the notebooks. I’m sure its a ridiculous oversight on my part, can you point me to one/them?

Gonna be a long year for us Cardinal fans….. How bout some scenery from the away games. I.E. best places to eat, golf, fishing, etc. anything to soothe the madness of watching this ball club get turned into a circus by a sideshow freak(McGwire).
Where is the fundamental team that TLR always has stressed coming out of spring training over the years.. I’ve heard nothing of the sorts this time around.
Plus another 10+ strikeout game for the offense, no homers=no runs for this group, takes you back to McGwire’s playing days here. He has no experience being a hitting coach at any level, yet TLR jumps at the mention of him taking over, publicity stunt to help a long time friend.

I agree with the posters who suggested some behind-the-scenes stuff. I think most of us are probably curious about what it’s like to be a major leaguer and you writers that follow the team on the road and spend time in the locker room get a more intimate look at the goings on. For example, I think a lot of us could tell that something wasn’t right for Colby vis a vis his interactions with the veterans last year, but it wasn’t until this spring that we actually got the details about it. This weekend they visited San Quentin. What other kinds of things do they do in their off hours? Is going to Tony’s ARF golf outing optional or is it viewed as politically expedient to participate? What are those mouthpieces many of them seem to be wearing this year? What is your take on the relationship between Pujols and Holliday? They don’t seem like they’re friends exactly–nor do they have to be–so how do they get along? We have a lot of rookies on the team this year, so how are they adjusting to the team and life as a major leaguer (think we’ve heard enough about Freese for the moment; how about the other guys)? I would enjoy reading that kind of stuff in the blog. Many times, I find out something that helps me understand better why a particular player might be struggling or why the team seems so tense, etc.

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