Stat of the day and note of the night

OK, more stuff I’m going to try to do around here. We’ll revise the playlists, because, well, I love ’em. We’ll squeeze in some note/tidbit stuff from postgame when there’s no place for it on the site. And because I’m a stat geek, I’ll dig you up a good stat on hopefully a daily basis.

Stat of the day: Since the opening series in Cincinnati, Cardinals relievers have pitched 44 2/3 innings, allowing 11 runs on 37 hits with 32 strikeouts and 19 walks. That’s a 2.22 ERA.

Note of the night: Kyle Lohse told us after the game that he’s getting his delivery back to what it was before he got hurt last year. He’s attempting to return to more of what he calls an “overhead windup.” He explained that when he was hurt last year, he got out of whack.
“I went back to the overhead windup,” he said, “and I felt like everything was going where I wanted it to, with a good mix of stuff. … 
“I started cheating mechanically to get my arm in a good spot to get the ball down and get it where I wanted to. I was going to do it for the last start, I tinkered around with it and then I decided to stay with what I did. It felt like a good time to go ahead and mix it up.”
Lohse also noted that he threw more and better fastballs tonight than in his previous start. Pitch selection was an issue in that game.
The Hold Steady, “Hurricane J”
Everclear, “Summerland”
Garbage, “When I Grow Up”
MxPx, “Punk Rawk Show”
Cake, “Sheep Go to Heaven”

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